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High School 7v7 | 9th-12th Grade

Loudoun Soccer is pleased to announce the continuation of our new playing format for Recreational players in High School: High School 7v7

The 7v7 league model is based on the benefits it provides players (a fast paced model similar to indoor soccer);  and the conditions we currently live in and the best model available to ensure high school aged Rec players are able to safely participate in soccer this season.

Details on this new program are below:

Players will be organized into one of two divisions: 9th-10th grade, or 11th-12th grade. Divisions may be combined based on enrollment.

Where possible, players will be organized into teams by their high school, to better allow them to play with their peers. Team rosters should range between 10-14 players.

Teams will be coached by volunteers.

Games will be played primarily on Saturday afternoons and evenings at Loudoun Soccer Park, including potential games under the lights. Teams will play a 6 game league season, followed by a playoff date with 1-2 games that day. Depending on field availability, some games may be played on grass fields.

League play will begin on April 17, and completed on May 22. (May 29, will be a rainout/make-up day) . Playoffs will take place on Saturday June 5th.

Teams will continue to practice twice per week.

The game format will be 7v7, with modified rules similar to the club’s popular weeknight Adult League, and officiated by certified referees. Abridged rules are available in our Coach Info Center.

Games length: 60 minutes (two, 30 minute halves).


Due to an abundance of caution, and simultaneous games being played at Loudoun Soccer Park, spectator viewing is limited to specific areas of the field.

Teams (players and coaches) and spectators should enter through the appropriate gate only after the previous game's teams have departed.


HS 7v7 player registrations include a numbered jersey. Uniform numbers are assigned by Loudoun Soccer; no requests may be submitted.

More information can be found on our uniform page.

• More touches: players will be more involved in game action, just like in indoor soccer or in futsal.
• Consistent schedule: families know when and where their games will be played – with no traveling out of town for away games.
• Teams organized by grades, not birth years, to better allow friends to play with each other.
• Safety: the High School 7v7 program will provide a more stable and contained environment in these present conditions, better ensuring the safety of its participants.


Q: Why is the league 7v7 and not 11v11?
A: The format is 7v7 to better allow for teams to form (smaller rosters), the benefits it provides players (more touches), the difficulty forming an internal 11v11 league (not enough players or teams), and to better ensure the safety of our participants during COVID-19.

Q: Will playing 7v7 negatively impact my child’s ability to make their high school team?
A: It shouldn’t – if anything it may help improve their chances. Everything that takes place in an 11v11 match also occurs in a small-sided format like 7v7 – dribbling, shooting, passing, receiving, defending, etc. – but occurs more frequently, providing players more repetitions to improve.

Log in if you are an existing club member or create a new account, then complete the registration steps.

If your child is not yet enrolled and wishes to participate, please register as soon as possible. The registration deadline for this program is March 8.
FEE: $196.00 ($178.00 + $18.00 Loudoun County Parks & Rec Fee) - Numbered jersey included in cost of registration.

Spring 2021 Playoffs

Spring 2021 Playoff Details:


  • Every team participates.
  • Using standings from the regular season (first seven weeks of season), teams are placed into brackets for a single-elimination playoff (Saturday 11/14).
  • Multiple brackets will be formed. Champions and Finalists will be declared in each bracket.
  • Teams will play no more than two games on each day.
  • All games played on Saturday June 5th.

Playoff Brackets:

HS Girls:

Bracket 1:
1st vs. 4th Place semifinal 4:30 PM
Rahnama vs. Chawaga 2 at LSP 1AB

2nd vs. 3rd Place semifinal 4:30 PM
Chawaga 1 vs. Due at LSP 1CD

Final: 7:30 PM at LSP 1AB

Bracket 2:
5th  vs. 8th Place semifinal 4:30 PM
Bley vs. Dale at LSP 2AB

6th vs. 7th Place semifinal 4:30 PM
Owings vs. Sosa at LSP 2CD

Final: 7:30 PM at LSP 2CD

Boys Grades 9-10:

1st vs. 4th Place semifinal 2 PM
Wickham vs. Ashford at Bolen 15

2nd vs. 3rd Place semifinal 2 PM
Fleury vs. Tozer at Bolen 13

Final: 6 PM at LSP 1AB

Boys Grades 11-12:

1st vs. 4th Place semifinal 12:30 PM
Ruiz vs. Topper at Bolen 15

2nd vs. 3rd Place semifinal 12:30 PM
Wilhelm vs. Middleton at Bolen 13

Final: 6 PM at LSP 1CD

Regular Season Standings:

Standings are used from the regular season to seed teams into playoffs. During the regular season, teams are awarded three (3) points for a win, one (1) point for a draw, and zero (0) points for a loss. Divisions with teams scheduled to play an uneven number of games (e.g. an odd-numbered-team division, where one or more teams play an additional game), points will be prorated.

In the event of a tie in points at the end of the regular season, the following method will be used to break the tie. If there is a multi-team tie (3 or more teams), proceed to the #2 tie breaker until the multi-team tie is broken. Once a team is eliminated from the tie-breaker, the process repeats until two teams remain, and then the process begins again.

1) Winner of head to head competition of the two teams tied. (Disregard if more than two teams are tied – proceed to #2)
2) Most wins
3) Goal Differential (maximum 4 per game)
4) Fewest number of goals allowed
5) Fewest Red and Yellow cards received
6) Most shutouts
7) Coin flip

Playoff Schedule:

  • Games will be played on Saturday June 5th. Times and locations will announced at a later date.
  • Match-ups were determined immediately following the final game of the regular season.


  • All rules from the regular season (playing time, goalkeeper rotation, etc.) will be enforced for the playoffs.
  • Additionally: any games ending in a tie will proceed directly to Kicks from the Mark (penalty kicks) to declare a winner. No overtime periods are played.


For more information, contact Karen Corpe, HS 7v7 Manager.

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