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About Referee Uniform & Equipment

The following information pertains to referee uniforms and equipment governed by the United States Soccer Federation (USSF), and furthermore with details specific to Loudoun Soccer. Other governing bodies such as AYSO, National Federation of High Schools, and the NCAA have different standards.

Required Items:

The following items are REQUIRED for referees to officiate matches:

  • Referee jersey (yellow) – see below regarding Additional Details on Jerseys
  • Black shorts – see below regarding Additional Details on Uniforms
  • Black referee socks – see below regarding Additional Details on Uniforms
  • watch – digital wristwatch with timer or stopwatch – use of a mobile phone as a watch is NOT permitted
  • set of disciplinary cards (red and yellow cards)
  • whistle
  • set of Assistant Referee’s flags
  • Score pad (can be an official report document, a Loudoun Soccer issued score card, a 3×5 index card, etc.) to record game data (goals, bookings, etc.)
  • writing instrument (pen or pencil)
  • Velcro disk sticker (to affix your USSF patch to your jersey)
  • coin for the coin toss
  • Face mask (preferably black) for pregame, halftime and postgame duties 

Starter kits containing most of these items are available for sale for approximately $50 plus shipping (see below regarding How to Purchase Uniforms and Equipment).

Additional, suggested items are:

  • Alternate referee jerseys (color and/or sleeve length – see below regarding Additional Details on Jerseys)
  • Bag or backpack to carry equipment
  • Spare whistle
  • Spare writing instrument
  • Spare watch
  • Air pump and inflation needle
  • Sunscreen
  • Black hat (referees may wear a hat to protect against the sun but should not wear sunglasses; prescription glasses with transition lenses are permitted)
  • Water or sports drinks
  • Healthy snacks (ideally nonperishable items in case you forget about them in your bag)
  • A garbage bag to cover your referee bag in the event it rains
  • Foldable chair to sit on in between matches.

Additional Details on Jerseys

Jerseys must conform to USSF standards. Currently, there are ten (10) versions of jerseys in use: five different colors, and two versions of each color (short or long-sleeved). Please visit this page to see USSF guidelines and uniform provider information.

Jersey styles changed in July 2016, with a new, sleeker look implemented. Referees were given until 2018 to phase out the old style from their wardrobe; referees purchasing jerseys (either as new officials acquiring a jersey for the first time, or current referees adding or replacing jerseys in their collection) should purchase the new style.

The primary color for all referees is yellow. All new referees should acquire a yellow short-sleeved jersey first. Referees who only desire to officiate Loudoun Soccer Recreation matches (Grades 8 and younger) can manage to do so only with a yellow referee jersey.

Referees who plan to officiate for several years, aspire to work Travel matches, and/or accept games outside of Loudoun Soccer should acquire other colors in the following suggested order: Green, Blue, Black, Red (red is last due to the likelihood of a Loudoun Soccer team wearing that color for matches).

Referees who work higher level matches and/or work year-round may wish to acquire long-sleeved versions of the jerseys too.

Jerseys (all colors and both sleeve lengths) typically come in two price points: Pro and Economy. Pro jerseys feature zipper collars, mesh vents, and velcro-closed pockets; Economy jerseys are less expensive, and feature open collars and open pockets. More serious and committed referees should invest in Pro jerseys.

Referees may wear a black undershirt underneath their jersey (many referees wear a performance, wicking fabric to help keep them cool). This undershirt if worn MUST be black. In lieu of long-sleeve jerseys, referees may wear a long-sleeved black undershirt under their short-sleeved jersey in colder temperatures.

Additional Details on Uniforms

The purpose of a referee’s uniform is to distinguish themselves from the players on the field. To achieve this, take note and follow through on details regarding shorts, socks, and shoes. Newly certified referees and those who are only working Recreational matches have more leeway with these items; however, looking professional is part of the expectation for all referees, so all referees regardless of level should take note and act accordingly:


Shorts should be all black, except for a manufacturer’s logo (if applicable). Referee shorts often have pockets, too. Referees should not wear shorts like the players, which often include a white trim or piping and do not have pockets.


Referees should wear black socks, pulled up high below the knee. The official sock style is now the two-stripe version, with stripes at the shins.  These are also available through Official Sports (see below regarding ordering your uniform).

Referees should wear designated referee socks, and not black socks worn by players (e.g. the socks their Travel team wears, or branded socks from Adidas or Nike).


Referee footwear (cleats, turfs, etc.) should be all black, save for any branding. It’s important that referee footwear is black so it’s distinguishable from players’ footwear, as players often have their heads down toward the ground. Player footwear tends to be bright colors and styles, which means wearing black footwear is preferable.

How and Where to Purchase Uniforms and Equipment

Referees may purchase uniforms and equipment from any vendor that is convenient. Some may wish to purchase them from local brick-and-mortar stores, while others may choose to purchase from online retailers.

Official Sports is the exclusive referee uniform supplier to US Soccer, and uniforms and equipment can be ordered directly from their website:

Newly certified referees can purchase Starter Kits from them, which include the following in both Pro and Economy styles in both men’s and women’s cut jerseys:

  • 7 Piece: jersey (yellow), black shorts, black socks, whistle, wrist lanyard, red/yellow cards,  Velcro disk patch
  • 10 Piece (recommended): same as 7 piece with data wallet, scorepad, and AR flags
  • 11 Piece: same as 10 piece with bag or stringsack

Individual uniform and equipment pieces (e.g. another jersey, or a second pair of socks, etc.) can also be purchased.

Local retailers who may carry referee equipment:

Sterling Soccer – 47100 Community Plaza #128, Sterling, VA 2016, 703.430.2566
Dick’s Sporting Goods – locations in Leesburg, Dulles Towne Center, and Stone Ridge

About Referee Compensation Rates

  • Referees are paid the following per-game rate for matches hosted by and assigned by Loudoun Soccer.

  • Payment is issued electronically via each referee’s GO Pay account typically twice per season: for Fall in mid October and end of November and in Spring in early May and mid June. Off-season (Winter and Summer) are usually paid once  at the end of that season.

  •  Referees who are paid $600 or more by Loudoun Soccer in a calendar year will receive a tax form from the club to submit with their annual tax return.

  • Referees who officiate large number of games are awarded bonuses (each game is worth a different amount of bonus points; total bonus points equal additional payment).
  • Newly certified referees (first season officiating) will receive an extra $50 if they earn six (6) bonus points, to help offset the startup costs associated with becoming a referee.
(including High School ages)
AgeCenterAssistantBonus PointsAgeCenterAssistantBonus Points
* tournament only


AgeCenterAssistantBonus PointsAgeCenterAssistantBonus Points
U1680401.25AgeCenterAssistantBonus Points
* Referees who officiate 25 NCSL matches are also eligible for a bonus from NCSL
Adult League
AgeCenterAssistantBonus Points
2-ref40 eachn/a1

Total Bonus PointsBonus Amount

Bonus payments are calculated on a quarterly basis and paid at the end of the referee pay period, using the following approximate calendars:

Fall: after Loudoun Premier Cup through end of Fall Rec season (end of August through mid November)
Winter: after Fall Rec season through College Showcase (end of November through beginning of March)
Spring: after College Showcase through end of Spring Rec/Travel season (mid March through mid June)
Summer: after Spring Rec/Travel season through Premier Cup (late June through late August)

Questions?  Please contact our Referee Development Coordinator, Noah Klemm, at [email protected]

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