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Travel FAQs

2021-2022 Loudoun Soccer Travel Tryouts FAQs


Q. At what age can my player be considered for a Loudoun Soccer Travel team?
A. Age groups are organized by birth year (U9 is for players born in 2013, U10 for 2012, U11 for 2011, etc.). For the 2021-2022 soccer calendar, players born between January 1, 2003 - December 31, 2013 are eligible for Travel soccer.

Q. How do I request for my player to play up an age group?
A. Please contact John O’Hara at [email protected] for play-up requests.


Q. How do I register to try out?
A. Players are registered online; registration is now open. Current and former Loudoun Soccer players should log into their Club account at by clicking on the “LOGIN” link at the top of the page. Individuals from outside of Loudoun Soccer will need to create an account by clicking “REGISTER” at the top of the page. A registration troubleshooting guide can be found here.

Q. Is Loudoun Soccer Tryout registration needed for a player registered to attend an ECNL Talent ID Session?
A. Players who wish to attend any Loudoun Soccer ECNL Talent ID Session must register for both Loudoun Soccer Travel Tryouts and ECNL Talent ID separately. Players selected for an ECNL ID session will be contacted by the ECNL coach with next steps. Visit our ECNL Talent ID Centers for specific instructions on registration/invitations.

Q. Is there a fee to try out?
A. There is no fee to register to try out for Loudoun Soccer Travel.


Q. What is the tryout format this year?
A.  Tryouts for the 2021-2022 year will be modified from previous years to accommodate greater social distancing and other Covid-19 mitigation precautions. Specific steps and more information on tryouts will be communicated closer to the tryout date.

Q. Who attends travel tryouts?
A. Players, including current Loudoun Soccer players, must attend at least one tryout; players are encouraged to attend both tryouts.

Q. How many tryouts do I need to attend?
A. All players are expected to attend at least one tryout.

Q. What happens if a tryout is cancelled.
A. In the event of a tryout cancellation for inclement weather, players will make up the tryout on the rain date shown for that group on our Tryout page. Parents should consult the Club website for confirmation before attending all tryouts. Cancellation information will also be announced on our Twitter (@loudounsc) and Facebook pages.

Team Formation Process

Q. What is the selection process for returning Loudoun Travel players?
A.  Age Group coaches (current, incoming and outgoing), in consultation with our Technical Staff, will work to place all eligible and returning players on a developmentally-appropriate team. Our commitment is to place all returning players on a team in their age group for the 2021-2022 seasonal year if possible. (Players also will be evaluated based on how they performed over the past eight months, as we value their past performance over a one or two session tryout.)

The best combination of players will be selected to the highest level team in the age group (ECNL if applicable, or Red team), followed by the remaining teams in the age group in order of team level (Black, White, Silver, Gray, and Gold). If player quality and quantity dictate, additional teams can be included in an age group.

Q. What is the selection process for players new to the Loudoun Travel program?
A. Players from the Loudoun Soccer’s Recreational program or from other clubs will be placed using one or more of the following methods: tryout performance, advanced scouting, prior experience/knowledge, etc. Registration for Loudoun Soccer Travel by outside players does not guarantee your player will be offered a 2021-22 roster spot.

Q. How will I be notified of team placement, and how do I accept my player’s roster spot?
A. The coach who will be offering your child a place on the team will contact you. Families are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to discuss their soccer options before invitations are extended, so that your player may respond immediately. Because the team formation process usually includes several teams and multiple players, an immediate response to an offer helps ensure all families are contacted as promptly as possible. Families may be afforded 24 hours to accept the offer; failure to decide within that timeframe may result in rescinding the offer and extending it to another player.

Families of players not offered spots will be notified by email. If you have not heard from one of the coaches within one week of the final tryout date for your child’s age group, please contact the Assistant Travel Director [email protected].

Q. My child has accepted a place on a team. What happens now?
A. Confirmed players will receive an email from Loudoun Soccer with an invitation to register. Registration and the initial payment of Club fees are due within 72 hours of the player acceptance email, as it will serve as confirmation of your child’s commitment to the Club, their team, and their coach. Your coach will contact you with further information regarding team meetings and administration.

Loudoun Soccer offers financial assistance to qualified families. For requirements and instructions, visit our Travel Financial Assistance page.

Q. What happens if I register but the team does not form?
A. In the unlikely event that a team does not roster enough players to form, accepted members will be notified as quickly as possible and receive a prompt refund of any Club fees paid for the 2021-2022 seasonal year.

Time Commitment

Q. What is the time commitment required for Loudoun Travel Soccer?
A. Loudoun Soccer Travel teams practice year-round, which typically includes training two to three times weekly, weekend games during the Fall and Spring seasons. Most teams observe a reduced schedule during the Summer and Winter months. Breaks are scheduled throughout the year, and older players are permitted to play High School soccer.

Q. Which leagues do Loudoun Soccer participate in?
A. Loudoun Soccer ECNL and Travel teams compete in one of four leagues: Elite Clubs National League (ECNL), ECNL Regional League-Virginia (ECNL-RL), Elite Development Program (EDP), and National Capital Soccer League (NCSL).

Q. How far will I have to travel for league games?
A. League games vary based on the age of the teams, as well as the divisions they play. U9-U10 (NCSL) teams typically play in the DMV area, with average travel 30-60 minutes for away games. NCSL U11-U19 teams cover a similar territory; on rare occasions, away games requiring 90-120 minutes may be scheduled.

Teams playing in ECNL-RL at U11-U19 will play some league matches requiring more distant travel (Richmond, Williamsburg); ECNL teams play conference (league) games in Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina, and may attend other out-of-state events. EDP teams also play in multiple states (VA, MD, PA).

Q. When will the travel teams begin to practice?
A. Although some teams may train once or twice shortly after team formation, the majority of summer pre-season training will begin in early or mid-July (post July 4), with additional sessions added in August. Families should NOT adjust their vacation or travel plans to attend summer training.

Individual team schedules will be provided at a later date. Individuals who are looking for additional training should consider optional summer camps and clinics provided by the Club.

All training will comply with the Club’s Covid-19 mitigation policies to ensure the safety of all participants.

Financial Commitment

Q. What are the fees associated with playing Travel soccer?
A. Expenses for Travel Soccer include Club fees (the majority of the money collected, which includes league play, coach salary, support staff, fields and facilities, and other similar expenses); team fees (collected at the team level by each team’s treasurer), which pay for tournament entry fees, winter league, out-of-town coach reimbursement (e.g., if tournament participation requires a hotel stay for the coach), and team-specific equipment (e.g., a popup canopy or bench, etc.), among other expenses.

Families are also responsible for individual expenses, like uniforms, equipment, personal travel, and any supplemental programs the family may choose for their player. A schedule of Club fees can be found on our Travel Program Overview page. Club fees are determined by the age group and team level

Q. How are fees charged?
A. Club fees are payable to the Club, either as a one-time fee, or in 4- or 10-monthly installments. Installments are charged on the 10th of each month until paid in full. Team fees are collected by the team several times a year so tournament registration fees and other time-sensitive team expenses can be paid promptly. Individual fees vary (uniform and equipment, individual traveling costs, etc.) depending on the team’s calendar.

Q. Will I need to purchase a uniform?
A. Fall 2021 marks the beginning of a new two-year uniform cycle, so all new and returning players must purchase the updated uniform kit. The uniform kit typically includes two game jerseys, two shorts, three socks, two training tops, and a warm-up top. Optional items (backpacks, warmup pants, etc.) are also available for purchase.

Q. Does Loudoun Soccer offer financial assistance?
A. Loudoun Soccer is committed to ensuring that all players can participate in our programs regardless of economic status. As such, Loudoun Soccer offers a Financial Assistance program to help qualified families offset Club fees.  Financial assistance awards are for a single seasonal year, and must be applied for annually. Financial assistance covers Club fees only; families receiving financial assistance are expected to pay uniform fees (at a discounted rate) and team fees.

Funding levels for the program are set anew each year, through donations and fund-raising efforts, and as such are limited. Therefore, submission of an application does not guarantee that assistance will be provided; the number of players receiving assistance and the percentage of fees covered will vary each year depending on funds available.  It is recommended that applicants submit their information as early as possible in the application window.

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