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Travel Program 2020-2021 Frequently Asked Questions

Covid-19 has disrupted all aspects of life recently, and at the youth soccer level, has raised several questions. Below is information to some Frequently Asked Questions related to the end of the Spring 2020 season, and the club's direction heading into the new 2020-2021 soccer year.

Click any of the categories below to jump to that section of FAQs (links forthcoming), or scroll down to continue reading.

Spring 2020 Cancellation

Credit from Spring 2020 Season

2020-2021 Player Placement/Team Formation Process

Travel Program Commitment and Expectations

Financial Commitment

Covid-19 Adjustments and Planning

If you have any unanswered questions, please email [email protected] for additional details.

Spring 2020 Cancellation

Q. Why did it take so long for a decision to be made to cancel the Spring season?
A. Our ECNL and Travel teams compete in a variety of independent leagues, which determined whether its season was canceled. This required Loudoun Soccer to wait for action to be determined at the league level, which in turn delayed our actions.

Q. Why not extend the season into the summer?
A. Some leagues considered this as an option, but determined it was not viable. This allows families to pursue their normal summer family plans without disruption.

Credit from Spring 2020 Season

Q. We paid money for a Spring season. Why are we receiving a credit and not a refund?
A. Many expenses associated with the Spring season are hard costs that cannot be recouped. This includes maintaining Loudoun Soccer Park, continuing employment of the club’s Technical and Operations staff, and our Travel team coaches.

Loudoun Soccer’s Board of Directors reviewed several scenarios regarding refunds and credits of varying forms and amounts, with the goal of being fair to families who expected a soccer experience this Spring that was not delivered, but also being good financial stewards of the club, given the large amount of money already committed toward the Spring season. The club is only able to absorb so much at any given time without severely compromising its ability to operate, which is why a 10 percent credit has been issued and club fees for the upcoming year are not increased.

Q. How does the credit work for next year?
A. Credits will be applied toward club fees, either directly to families who pay their club fees in full, or evenly to installments.

Specific directions and additional details may be included in team acceptance emails.

Q. What if my child does not plan to play Travel again?
A. Families with children not returning to Travel may utilize their credit toward other club programming (summer camp, Fall or Spring Rec, winter clinics, etc.) for anyone in your household. Please contact [email protected] to facilitate this process if your child is not returning to Travel.

Q. Are there any exceptions?
A. Graduating seniors (given their inability to participate in Travel) have been provided an alternative plan. Individuals who received Financial Assistance, given their reduced club fees already paid, will not be provided a credit.

Q. I don’t want a credit. Can I have a refund instead?
A. Unfortunately, refunds cannot be issued, given the expenses already paid for that cannot be recouped.

2020-2021 Player Placement/Team Formation Process

Q. Are tryouts being held this year?
A.  Due to safety concerns, tryouts for the 2020-2021 year will not take place. A revised player placement process will be implemented, both for returning players, and those interested in joining the ECNL or Travel programs.

Q. What is the selection process for returning Loudoun ECNL or Travel players?
A.  Age Group coaches (current, incoming and outgoing), in consultation with our Technical Staff, will work together to place all eligible and returning players on a developmentally appropriate team. Our commitment is to place all returning players on a team in their age group for the 2020-2021 seasonal year, as long as we can comply with minimum and maximum roster sizes. Players will be evaluated based on how they performed over the past eight months, which is consistent with our approach to a normal tryout process (as we value their past months’ performance over a one or two session tryout).

The best combination of players will be selected to the highest level team in the age group (ECNL if applicable, or Red team), followed by the remaining teams in the age group in order of team level (Black, White, Silver, Gray, and Gold). If player quality and quantity dictate, additional teams will be included in an age group.

Q. What is the selection process for players new to the Loudoun Travel program?
A. Players from the Loudoun Soccer’s Recreational program or from other clubs will be placed using one or more of the following methods: advanced scouting, prior experience/knowledge, a to-be-scheduled supplemental ID session, or other appropriate means. Registration for Loudoun Soccer Travel by outside players does not guarantee your player will be offered a 2020/21 roster spot.

Q. How do I register my player to be considered for the Loudoun Soccer Travel Program?
A. Players register for Travel via our online registration link. The registration process is now open. To access the registration link, please go to and click on the Travel Page Link, or log-in directly to your Sports Connect account at  Individuals from outside of Loudoun Soccer will need to create a Sports Connect user account in order to register.

Q. At what age can my player be considered for a Loudoun Soccer Travel team?
A. Age groups are organized by birth year (U9 is for players born in 2012, U10 for 2011, U11 for 2010, etc.) For the 2020-2021 soccer calendar, players born between January 1, 2002-December 31, 2012 are eligible for Travel soccer.

Q. How do I request for my player to play up an age group?
A. Play-up requests are only permitted in rare, extreme cases, as both the quality and quantity of the Travel teams we form provide appropriate options for most if not all players within their true age groups. Please contact John O’Hara at [email protected] for play-up requests.

Q. How will I be notified of team placement, and how do I accept a roster spot?
A. Following registration, the team coach who will be offering your child a place on the team will contact you. Families are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to discuss their soccer options before invitations are extended, so an invitation can be accepted immediately. The team formation process often includes several teams and numerous players; being prepared to accept or reject the offer helps ensure all of those families are notified as promptly as possible. Families may be afforded 24 hours to accept the offer; failure to decide within that time span may result in rescinding the offer and extending it to another player.

Families of players not offered spots will be notified by phone or email.

Q. My child has accepted a place on a team. What happens now?
A. Confirmed players will receive an email from Loudoun Soccer with an invitation to register and pay a deposit for 2020/21 Club fees. Registration and the initial payment are due within 72 hours of the player acceptance email, as it will serve as confirmation of your child’s commitment to the Club, their team, and their coach. Your coach will contact you with further information regarding team meetings and administration.

Q. What happens if I register but the team does not form?
A. Minimum 2020/21 roster sizes must be met for a team to form. In the event that a team does not roster enough players to form, accepted members will be notified as quickly as possible and receive a prompt refund of any Club fees paid for the 2020/21 seasonal year.

Q. My player is interested in being considered for the Loudoun ECNL program (U13/2008 - U19/2002). Do I need to complete a separate registration?

A. All returning Loudoun ECNL and Pre-ECNL players should complete 2020/21 ECNL registration, available within your Sports Connect account; current candidates from the 2008 Girls age group interested in joining the new U13 ECNL team should also register.

Non ECNL players (current Loudoun Soccer Travel players, players from other clubs, etc.) should complete a separate ECNL Player Interest Form. A coach will contact you with further instructions.

Travel Program Commitment and Expectations

Q. What is the level of commitment required for Loudoun Travel Soccer?
A. All players and parents should be aware of the commitment required as a member of a Loudoun Soccer Travel team. The team is a year-round team, which typically includes training two to three times a week and games on the weekend in the Fall and Spring, and a reduced commitment during the Summer and Winter months. Breaks are scheduled throughout the year, and older players are permitted to play High School soccer. The number of practices and the requirement for attendance at practices and games requires dedication and prioritization from all participants (players and families).

Q. Which leagues do Loudoun Soccer participate in?
A. Loudoun Soccer ECNL and Travel teams compete in one of five leagues: Elite Clubs National League (ECNL), Club Champions League (CCL), Elite Development Program (EDP), National Capital Soccer League (NCSL), or Old Dominion Soccer League (ODSL).

Q. How far will I have to travel for league games?
A. League games vary based on the age of the teams, as well as the divisions they play in. U9-U10 teams typically play in the DMV area, with average travel 30-60 minutes for away games; this is relatively consistent for U11-U19 teams that play in local leagues like NCSL or ODSL. On rare occasions, away games requiring 90-120 minutes are scheduled.

Teams playing in CCL at U11-U19 will play some league matches requiring larger travel (Roanoke, Charlottesville, Virginia Beach, etc.); those are typically limited to one or two matches per season.

ECNL teams play conference (league) games in Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina, and may attend other out-of-state events.  Pre-ECNL boys teams also play in multiple states (VA, MD, PA, etc.)

Q. When will the travel teams begin to practice?
A. Teams may train together once or twice in June immediately following the team formation process. The majority of summer pre-season training will begin in early or mid-July (post July 4), with additional sessions added in August. Families should NOT adjust their vacation or travel plans to attend summer training.

Individual team schedules will be provided at a later date. Individuals who are looking for additional training should consider optional summer camps and clinics provided by the club.

All training will comply with the club’s new return to play policies to ensure the safety of all participants.

Financial Commitment

Q. What are the fees associated with playing Travel soccer?
A. Expenses for Travel Soccer include Club fees (the majority of the money collected, which includes league play, coach salary, support staff, fields and facilities, and other similar expenses); Team fees (collected at the team level by each team’s treasurer), which pays for tournament entry fees, winter league and coach salary, out-of-town coach reimbursement (e.g. if tournament participation requires a hotel stay for the coach), and team-specific equipment (e.g. a popup canopy or bench, etc.), among other expenses.

Families are also responsible for individual expenses, like uniforms, equipment, personal travel, and any supplemental programs they enroll their child in.

Club fees are determined by the age group and team level.

Q. How are fees charged?
A. Club fees are paid by families to the club, either as a one-time fee or as monthly installments. Installments are charged on the 10th of each month until paid in full.

Team fees are usually collected twice or three times per year so tournament registration fees and other time-sensitive team expenses can be promptly paid.

Individual fees vary (up front uniform and equipment, individual traveling costs each weekend, etc.) depending on the team’s calendar.

Q. Will I need to purchase a uniform?
A. Returning players do NOT need to purchase a new uniform; the current uniform is in the middle of its two-year life span. Only replacement items should be ordered by returning families.

Families new to Loudoun Soccer will be required to purchase a uniform kit, which typically includes two game jerseys, one short, three socks, two training tops, and a warm-up top. Optional items (backpacks, warmup pants, etc.) are available to purchase, too.

Q. Does Loudoun Soccer offer financial assistance?
A. Loudoun Soccer is committed to ensuring that all potential players have the opportunity to receive the benefits of participation in our programs regardless of race, economic status and/or physical limitations.  As part of that commitment, Loudoun Soccer is pleased to offer a Financial Assistance program to help families offset fees associated with ECNL and Travel programs.  Specifically, financial support is meant to cover Club Fees; families are asked to cover uniform fees and Team Fees (vary by team) on their own.  

Funding levels for the program are set anew each year, through donations and fund-raising efforts, and as such are limited.  Therefore, submission of an application does not guarantee that assistance will be provided; the number of players receiving assistance and the percentage of fees covered will vary each year depending on funds available.  It is recommended that applicants submit their information as early as possible in the application window.

Covid-19 Adjustments and Planning

Q. Will soccer be played this next year?
A. We anticipate soccer being played. When, and what form, will be dictated by a number of variables outside of our control. We are optimistic (several other states have resumed training, and others have even resumed game play) yet exercising caution; while we want to return to play to help restore some normalcy in our lives, we want to do so carefully to ensure the safety of all of our participants. This requires a phased approach to the field.

Q. What will this phased approach include?
A. A phased approach will include any or all of the following: reducing the number of participants at any given time on a field; limiting the type of training (e.g. starting with individual technical work and progressing to team tactical play and eventually playing intra-squad competitions); and implementing processes and protocols to ensure safe arrival, participation, and departure for all members.

Our intention is to gradually remove these restrictions as conditions improve, and will rely on all available resources (local government conditions, guidance from national governing bodies, etc.) when doing so.

The specific return to play policies will be posted online once available.

Q. When will soccer activities resume?
A. Soccer activities are expected to resume in a small-scale, limited fashion in early June.

Q. What should I do if I don’t feel comfortable with my child returning to the field at this time?
A. Simply put: anyone who does not feel comfortable returning to the field should NOT do so. Virtual programming will be available at the club level for all individuals who are not yet ready to or comfortable to return to the field. This is a family choice that will be respected.

Q. What if there is a second wave of the virus, and we have to return to a shelter-in-place condition?
A. In the event in-person programming cannot safely occur, Loudoun Soccer is prepared to pivot its programming to a comprehensive virtual training, similar to what was offered in the Spring.

The following financial policy is in place In the event of a club-wide shutdown, COVID-19 related shutdown:

If on-field training for your team never takes place due to a COVID-19-related shutdown, you will receive a 100% refund of your Club fees.
If on-field training for your team is interrupted due to a Club-wide COVID-19-related shutdown, all payment plans will be suspended until play resumes and each team’s Club fees can be calculated and adjusted.  Refunds for individual teams will vary depending on their fees, schedule, and training level.
Each player on the team will receive an equal refund of their Club fees regardless of their chosen payment plan, except for the following:
- Financial assistance players will receive a refund proportionate to their award.
- Refunds will be applied to any outstanding balances, or payments owed, before being released to the account in question.

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