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Welcome to the Loudoun Soccer Spring Cup Tournament 2014
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The Spring Cup 2014 was a huge success!

Thank you to all the coaches, players, parents and volunteers that helped to make this season’s Spring Cup a tremendous success! 79 teams U9-U12 participated in the weekend.

Champions and Finalists

U9 Boys Division 1 Champion: Voell
Finalist: Hidalgo
U9 Boys Division 2 Champion: Smith
Finalist: Finney
U10 Boys Division 1 Champion: Pangshiri
Finalist: Brown
U10 Boys Division 2 Co-Champion: Bennion/Arnestad  
U10 Boys Divisioin 3 Co-Champion:
U10 Boys Division 4 Champion: Gregory
Finailist: Taylor
U11 Boys Champion: Graves
Finalist: Dorwat
U12 Boys Chamption: Pruzina
Co-Finalist: Walters/Talbot
U9 Girls Divsion 1 Champion: Cypcar
Finalist: Cuevas
U9 Girls Division 2 Champion: Love
Finalist: Leberknight
U10 Girls Division1 Champion: Mullan
Finalist: DeBolt
U10 Girls Division 2 Co-Champion: Kurowski/Stanley  
U10 Girls Division 3 Champion: Balderrama
Finalist: Chawaga
U11 Girls Champion: Ryan
Finalist: Novak
U12 Girls Co-Champion: Ayers/French  

If your team has photos from the weekend, please email them to…..

Contact Karen Corpe at

U11-12 Challenge and U13-14 Classic Post-Season Tournament

Teams in the U11-U12 Challenge and U13-U14 Classic programs participate in an end-of-season playoff, which is an extension of their season and included in the registration fee.  All playoff matches are single-elimination, meaning the winning team advances to the next game while the losing team does not.

This year's playoffs are scheduled for Friday, June 6 and Saturday, June 7.

All rules and policies observed in the regular season are to be followed in the playoffs.  This includes rules governing playing time and the goalkeeper position.  The only exception is that quarterfinal and semifinal games ending in a tie are to proceed directly to FIFA Kicks from the Mark (penalty kicks), as a winner must be declared in those matches.  Championship games may end in a tie, with teams being declared co-champions.

Playoff schedules and match-ups will be visible within your team's online schedule.  Games this year will be played at Loudoun Soccer Park, Bolen Park, and Ray Muth Park.

Schedules and match-ups are posted online on our schedule page.  Teams have been organized into a playoff format based on their regular season standings.  Some divisions have two playoff flights (an upper and a lower flight), which allows teams to play more balanced opponents to end their season.  Teams will play one, two or three matches this weekend based on their game results.
Please remind your families of their game times (those that are guaranteed and potential), and remind them to bring both their red and white jerseys for each game (home wears red). The home team is listed first.
Teams playing at the following locations should adhere to these parking rules:
·         Ray Muth: park in designated spaces only.
·         Bolen Park: Primary parking is in the lot near Field 12, as the spaces near Fields 14, 15 and 16 are shared usage with Field Hockey participants. DO NOT park on the grass. Your car may be ticketed or towed.
·         Loudoun Soccer Park: park in the VDOT Commuter lot next door to Loudoun Soccer Park, and access Loudoun Soccer Park using the gate connecting the two locations.  Parking at Loudoun Soccer Park is restricted to event staff, referees, and handicap vehicles.
Please make sure this is communicated to your families.
An on-site manager from Loudoun Soccer has been assigned to each playoff location (Ray Muth Park, Bolen Park, Loudoun Soccer Park) to help manage the games.
Coaches and teams are asked to help keep our games on schedule by being ready to kickoff at your scheduled game time.  Following the conclusion of the match, teams should sign their game card, and the referee will turn in the game card to the on-site manager, who will update the website with the score.
NO PROTESTS are permitted.
No pets are permitted at any location – remind your team’s families to leave their pets at home.
All rules and policies from the regular season are to be observed during these matches.  For a reminder, please review the following pages:
U11-U12 Challenge: Rules/Policies
U13-U14 Classic: Rules/Policies
Teams must adhere to any modified rules (playing time, goalkeeper rotation, etc.); failure to do so may result in that game being forfeited, and elimination from the playoffs.
The lone modification to the playoff rules is that all Quarterfinal and Semifinal matches must declare a winner.  Quarterfinal and Semifinal matches that end in a draw will proceed directly to FIFA Kicks from the Mark (best of five shooters, with players on the field at the end of regulation eligible to participate as kick-takers or goalkeepers).   Teams that draw in the Championship match will be declared co-champions.
While the playoffs are an exciting method to conclude the Spring 2014 season, coaches, teams and spectators are reminded that this is a Recreational program, and to keep these games in perspective.  Poor sportsmanship by coaches, teams and spectators to each other and especially to the referees WILL NOT be tolerated.  The Parent Code of Conduct that all families submitted at registration (view here) should be followed for all of these matches.  Coaches are encouraged to remind their families of this expectation.
Coaches are responsible for the conduct of their spectators, and may be booked (yellow and/or red carded) for spectators who fail to maintain appropriate sideline decorum. 
The champion (1st place) and finalist (2nd place) teams will receive awards in the form of individual trophies for each player.  These trophies are available for pickup at Loudoun Soccer Park, where your team can commemorate their accomplishment with a team photo in our “Champions Circle.”  Teams should report to Loudoun Soccer Park after their championship match