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Mini Soccer Coaches Information

This area is for MSP Coaches and Assistant Coaches.

Coaches - Click here for a mid-season memo.

Thank you for your understanding concerning session/game times.  There are only so many fields, trainers and time slots available.

Coaches Meetings and Equipment pick-up:
  Check here for meetings and clinics.

ROSTERS -There are a few bugs that prevent coaches from getting their PW & ID:  One problem seems to be with the browser Firefox; Log-in’s may not work on a mobile device; some people have success the third time;  sometimes it happens after several hours; the filters on the left all have to be set and especially make sure to look for drop downs menus.   Beyond that, email

Age Group Coordinators/Commissioners -
Each Town of Play has Age Group Coordinators. For example, there are five AGC's in Leesburg: U3, U4, U5, U6 Girls and U6 Boys. There is one Commissioner for each town overseeing the AGC's. Coaches and parents work directly with their AGC for everything from team assignment to end of season awards.

Medals/End of Season Awards -
The medals will be given to Age Group Coordinators. The AGC's will contact coaches. Coaches only may get them or request their Asst Coach to get them. As a coach, you decide when you would like to distribute them - at a party, during the 6th session or wait until the last session. It's up to you. Here's are some tips: 1) survey your parents to see who is going to attend the last session. If there are going to be players missing and you are going to distribute them with pomp & circumstance, you may want to do it at the 6th session; 2) if you are not going to attend the last session, you should do it at the 6th session; 3) if you have players whose parents have been motivating them by telling them they will get a medal (trophy) if they play, you may want to wait until the 7th session; 4) hide the medals from the players until you hand them out; 5) wait until the end of the session to hand them out; 6) please be careful if you demonstrate how they can put the ribbon on their finger and twirl the medal in the air.

Lost and Found items (cloths, balls, water bottles) will be left at the field. Valuable items (cell phones, keys) will be given to the Site Coordinator to bring back the next week.
Unclaimed items will be taken to the Loudoun Soccer office where they will be held for 30 days - after which they will be donated to a suitable organization.

Pinnies and Cones U3 & U4 teams have trainers bringing all necessary equipment.  The U5/U6 coaches will be given 4 cones and 3 pinnies.  The U5/6 coaches will not need the equipment until  after the first three sessions as the trainers will bring the equipment until then.

Picture Day -
Picture Day Schedules are posted in the Coach Corner when available. All Coaches receive a complementary team picture as well as one for the Assistant Coach. Please email or 703-392-7551 to change your appointment if needed. Pictures will be sent to directly to Coaches to be distributed to the team. Please contact Olson Photography directly if you have any concerns or problems with your pictures -

RAINOUTS  - Make sure to read the Weather link under the Resources tab and understand what to do in case of inclement weather.  Rained Out is a notification service available on the Loudoun Soccer website that provides cell phone notifications which you should share with the parents.  A leaguewide rainout is when absolutely nobody is allowed on the field and will be posted on the website (in most cases), communicated via Rained Out and the weatherline (703-777-5897).  Sometimes only a few areas are closed and these may be posted on the website, Rained Out and the weatherline.  Many times, there is what we call "Game Time Decision". This is when some areas have the ability to play while others may be questionable.  In these  circumstances, the Site Coordinator will decide for the Mini Soccer Program if the field or other conditions warrant suspension or delay of play.   Lacking a Site Coordinator, the coach will make the decision.  Thank you for your understanding during these types of weather issues as it is difficult to second guess nature - and many times we just get it wrong but we always try our best.

U5/6 Coaches - Teams may scheduled on different fields each week in order to play a different team each week. Please make sure you look at the schedule before going to the field. As a matter of fact, it's a great idea to have a copy with you at the field. Only two teams are to be on each field so being able to refer to the schedule helps direct the lost team in the right direction. If there are less than 9 players or more than 16 or 17 on a field, that's a clue that something is amiss and either the missing teams needs to be found or the extra team needs to find the correct field. Don't forget, you can always look up the schedule online.  Call Sharon at 703-618-6076 with questions.

Medical release & Code of Conduct Forms - These forms can be found in the Coach Corner.  Please print the forms, have them signed and completed at the first session.  Keep these forms with you or give to the AC if you are not there.

Accident Report Form - This form can be found in the Coach Corner and used if there is an injury or accident to report.  This is to be completed within 24 hours and faxed to 703-777-1029 with MSP at the top or sent to

MSP Director - Please contact Sharon at, 703-777-9977 ext.111 or 703-618-6076 anytime. We appreciate feedback so if you see errors or have comments/ complaints/ compliments/ suggestions please let us know. The coaches, assistant coaches, parents and trainers have worked together to develop the best soccer program available to families in Loudoun county and only you can help us continue to meet and exceed that commitment.

Schedules - Will be posted when available.

Coach Letters to Parents - There are three examples below of very well written coach letters (Thanks to Coach Strite, Coach Foley, for sharing) to parents at the bottom of this posting. Feel free to tweak them for you own use.

Sample Letter #1 to Parents
My name is Walt Wonderboy and I am the coach your child's U4 Soccer coach for this upcoming season. This is my seventh season as a coach for Loudoun Soccer, and I am very excited about this upcoming season. I am also very pleased to teamed up with Peter Piper, as this is our fourth season working together. While I will be contacting each of you by phone by next week, I wanted to send out a note with an overview of the upcoming season. Looking at the roster, there are a few names that are familiar and returning from last season and a few that are brand new.

As part of the Mini Soccer program in the Loudoun Soccer our U4 soccer meets once a week. These weekly sessions will be held on Saturday mornings @ 10:00am at Blue Ridge Middle School in Purcellville. There are three mini-soccer fields, all in a row, and they are the first ones that you walk up to at Blue Ridge. While I don't have our official assignment yet, just ask one of the coaches (Black LS shirts) to point you in the right direction (Coach Walt - U4CPURXX).

Our first session is scheduled for this Saturday, April 18th @ 10:00, baring any inclement weather (see weather line below). The full schedule for this season is: Spring 2008 April 18, 25 May 2, 9, 16, 20 June 6 Rain Date (May 23).

Please make sure that your child has shin guards, their own #3 soccer ball and a water bottle for breaks, and brings them to each session. I will provide each of our soccer stars with a T-Shirt/Jersey during their first session. Each of the sessions will be filled with games and soccer related activities that are geared to introducing the game to them and most of all having fun. If you are new to this program, this age level is on the field and all parents and guardians are on the sidelines.

Bring your voices to cheer on the action and your cameras to capture the memories. Please make note that my right side is my best side and Petre doesn't have one. :)

I will also be putting together a snack schedule and sending that out via email. Please let me know if you would like to volunteer for snack duties on week #1, as then I will make assignments for the rest of the weeks. If you know that you will be out for a specific week, drop an email to myself or Peter so that we know how many we should expect on the field each week.

Two final notes for you all. As the players are 3-4 years old, please note that this is not a drop off practice and one parent or guardian must be at the field during the each session. If you do need to leave, please make arrangements with one of the other parents in advance and then let me know as well. Lastly, Darin and I will handle everything on the field, but I do ask in the event of any potential outbursts, that you please assist us by taking responsibility for your own children.

Now that all of that is out of the way, both Darin and I are really looking forward to this season and we hope that your soccer players are also. To get them excited about this season, please ask them to think of possible team names prior to our first session. Use the following list as suggestions, but let them come up with ideas on their own. Firecrackers (Last years name and was a big hit), Tadpoles, Comets,Puddle Jumpers, Little Strikers (email me with other ideas).

If you have any questions, please contact me either by Phone or Email, as listed below. I have also included Peter's contact information as well.


Walt Wonderboy 703-999-9999 Email address here


Sample Letter #2 to Parents
Parents: First, let me welcome you and your child to our team for the Spring 07 Mini-Soccer program! My name is Sam Superboy, and I am excited to say that Phil Losophy and I will be your child’s U3 soccer coaches this Spring season and we look forward to getting started this Saturday, April 14th at 12pm at Hutchison Elementary school Field #1.

We wanted to wait to get this initial contact out to you until our roster and schedule were solidified, which they are now – there are so many kids and teams in the Mini Soccer program that things are somewhat fluid until a week or so before the season starts. At the risk of sending out what will appear to be a massive email, we want to ensure that we provide you with all the information you will need to have your child prepared for the season. Either Phil or I will follow up with you by phone individually in the next day or two to discuss any questions or concerns you might still have before our first session on 4/14, but hopefully this email covers all of your initial questions.

Phil and I will continue to monitor the website and other information sources for updates, but this is the latest, as we know it. In an effort to cover all the important topics, in no particular order, here is the list of information for your review/understanding: Most importantly, Coach Phil and I share the Loudoun Soccer philosophy, which is to teach your child the basics of soccer and to have a whole lot of fun.

While this note and preparation may seem overly formal, we promise that the season will be a lot of fun, once we get started ! Please check the website regularly for updates at .

Our team: the LS knows our team as U3SRAXX. If you ever contact the Loudoun Soccer offices with questions (703-777-9977 or, you will need to use that team name. We will obviously have our team players select a more user friendly name the first week, but right now, this is our only team name.

Location/Time: our team will ALWAYS meet at 12pm at Hutchison Elementary School in South Riding on Field #1. Our schedule is for the following 7 Saturday mornings for 45 minute sessions: April 14, 21, 28, May 5, 12, 19, and June 2. Sessions will start at 12pm sharp, so please make every effort to be at the field on time. FOR THE FIRST SESSION, IF EVERYONE COULD ARRIVE AT 11:45am, IT WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED. This will give Coach Phil and me an opportunity to meet your child, pass out jerseys and get the necessary forms filled out. We’d like to get the paperwork out of the way early so that we can focus on having fun.

Format: for those new to the program; all sessions will have a professional coach assisting Coach Phil and I and will be heavy with drills and will end with some amount of game action as the weeks progress, we will start to spend a little more time each week introducing games at the end of each session; however, the U3 program is really all about getting these youngsters on the field and introducing them to soccer. The fun level will be high, but to set everyone expectations, there will be no keeping score, and games will be light.

Uniform/Gear: all children MUST have the following to be able to participate in each soccer session:

Size 3 soccer ball. I’ll bring extras just in case, but please remember to bring your child’s ball, and to PUT YOUR CHILD’S NAME on the ball).

Shin Guards (doesn’t matter what kind, just that they are wearing them,)socks don’t have to cover up the shin guards at this age… Soccer cleats, indoor soccer shoes, or sneakers (cleats are optional, and sneakers are recommended for most kids unless it’s a wet week/season)

Water bottle the kids will get very thirsty during the session and there are multiple water breaks I will have the soccer jerseys and will distribute just prior to our initial session on 4/14 the MOST IMPORTANT thing to note regarding what to wear is to dress your child for the weather, and dress them for comfort (not too cold, not too hot, not too wet).

Snack and Drink: we recognize this is for many the highlight of each session!!! ; my wife Pam and I will be responsible for snack the first week and Coach Phil and his wife for the second. I will bring a sign-up sheet to the first session and we can fill in volunteers for weeks 3 through 7.

Weather Line: Please call the weather line at 703-777-5897 or refer to the notification website at before coming to the session on questionable days. We do play in light rain or snow (although let’s all hope for good weather), but these 2 sources are the best for checking on cancellations due to weather on the weekend.

Other logistics/rules: Picture schedules will be posted soon, the pictures take place on one of two Saturdays in the middle of the season, usually adjacent to our game time slot. There is a NO pets and a NO SMOKING policy at all Loudoun Soccer activities and fields, and a “leave it cleaner than when you found it” philosophy so please adhere to these rules and assist us in keeping the fields clean after our session. Due to insurance rules, no unregistered siblings are able to participate in the program.

Again WELCOME to each of you to our team! Coach Phil and I very much look forward to meeting you and coaching your child!!! We promise to contact each of you over the next couple days to answer any final questions please use the following contact information if you need to reach either of us:

Sam Superboy 999 -999-9999(H) 999-999-9999(C) Email address here

Phil Losophy 999-999-9999(H) Email address here

Sample Letter #3 to Parents
Hello Parent,

Your child has been placed on my Mini Soccer Program/Loudoun Soccer team. I'm testing out the email addresses and letting you know my contact information. Please hit Reply to this email so that I know you are receiving my emails. Make sure your email provider accepts my emails and does not send them to the spam file.

Thank you,

Coach Rodeo