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Loudoun Academy 2016

About Loudoun Soccer's 2016 Academy Team

In conjunction with its U8 Academy (Pre-Travel) program, Loudoun Soccer is forming a single Travel team in each gender of children born in 2016 to compete in the National Capital Soccer League (NCSL) in Fall 2023 in a U9 division.

This program is designed for our most developed, committed, and passionate youth soccer players. Each team of 10-12 players will play in a 7v7 format. The general program commitment is:

  • Fall (mid August-November): team training Monday & Thursday, and Wednesday Training Academy in September and October (6 weeks). League games are typically played on Sundays from late September through early November.
  • Winter (Jan-early March): 1x indoor training on Sundays, Saturday training (boys: 1/6, 1/20, 2/3, 2/17; girls: 1/13, 1/27, 2/10, 2/24), a few weeknights of outdoor training in February and early March.
  • Spring (mid March-early June): team training on Monday & Thursday, and Wednesday Training Academy in April and May (6 weeks). League games are typically played on Sundays from late March through early June.

Interested families MUST register their child online to attend a Player Placement Session; log into your Sports Connect account to register. Players must be born in the year 2016 to be eligible. 


2016 Academy NCSL Teams & Coaches

  2016 / U9
Daryn Patricio
Patrick Ramos

Program Fee:

The per-player fee for this program is $1750, payable in one payment or installments (a $10 per installment is assessed for the payment plan) .

This program fee includes:
  • Coach Compensation including all payroll taxes and processing
  • Winter club training sessions (6 weeks on Sundays)
  • Winter age group play day (4 sessions on Saturday)
  • Fall & Spring Training Academy (Wednesday night club training - 6 sessions per season)
  • League Membership and Fees
  • Referee Fees
  • Risk Management Background Checks
  • Technical Staff Support (Technical Director, Travel Director, Coaching Education)
  • Operations Staff Support (Travel Program Manager, Fields Coordinator, Finance)
  • Club Administrative Support
  • Financial Assistance Program Costs
  • Coaching Education for all travel coaches
  • Club Marketing & Communication
  • Club Insurance
  • Two tournaments

Parent Information Night - Wednesday May 3, 7.30-8.30 PM

The presentation can be viewed HERE.


Q: Travel usually begins at U9. Why is a team being formed in the current U8 (2016) age group?

A: An Academy team is being formed to better challenge the more developed players in this birth year. Consider a school subject like reading or math: some children read at a higher level than others, and need to be further challenged at this stage. We are taking a similar approach.

Q: Why are only 10-12 players being selected?

A: The team will play in a U9 division in the National Capital Soccer League (NCSL). League rules limit the number of players who can be placed on a team roster. Teams play 7v7 at that age group. The maximum number of players is 12. To ensure appropriate playing time, 10-12 players will be selected.

Q: What happens if my child is not selected?

A: Don't worry! They should keep playing soccer. Families with children interested in this program who are not selected are strongly encouraged to enroll their child in the U8 Academy, our in-house Pre-Travel program. The U8 Academy will still provide the vast majority of children professional coaching in preparation for U9 Travel in Fall 2024-Spring 2025. Families may enroll their child in the Rec program to be placed on a community-based, volunteer-led team as an alternative, and can supplement their training with  Rec Technical Training Academy.

Q: Will my child be at a disadvantage if they are not selected?

A: Simply put: No. Children develop at different rates; development is a marathon and not a sprint. It’s also unpredictable. If your child is not selected, it just might mean your child is not yet ready for this level now but may be in time. Or the level of play in this age group is high and with only 10-12 players selected, immediate opportunities are limited.

Individuals not selected to the Academy team are encouraged to enroll in the U8 Academy to better continue their development. Again, consider a school subject like reading. While one child is placed in an advanced reading group, the other children in their class will still practice reading. And that child in the advanced group may not always be considered advanced, nor will those reading at a regular or below average rate always be considered that level. Reading, or soccer, or any skill or ability develops differently with each individual.

Q: Are the Academy team and the Academy program separate?

A: Both have separate registration processes, and different commitment levels (the Academy team is a larger commitment). However, there will be several overlapping elements. The Academy team will train in conjunction with the U8 Academy program during the Spring season; opportunities to cross-train and guest-play with the Academy team may be available for players who work hard and improve throughout the season. Coaches of the Academy team will be supported by U8 Academy coaches and vice versa. The curriculum and themes will be consistent each week.

Q: Does making this Academy team guarantee my child a spot on that team next year?

A: No. For the Fall 2024-Spring 2025 soccer year, Rising U9 Player Placement Sessions for Travel teams will take place in late April. At that time, all roster spots are considered open, and Player Placement Sessions will occur to form multiple teams (typically four to five) Travel teams for that upcoming year. Although additional teams will be formed at that time, not all players who attend these sessions will be offered a position on a team. Our goal is to provide as many opportunities as possible to players who are ready for that level of play and commitment.

In existing Travel age groups, it is quite common due to several factors (the unpredictable nature of player development, both current and prospective players attending sessions, the competitive nature of Travel soccer, etc.) for team assignments to shuffle. Individuals selected to the Academy team this year will need to attend Player Placement Sessions in April for the next seasonal year, and are not guaranteed selection to any team.

Q: Will Academy Team players need to purchase a new uniform?

A: An official Travel uniform package will be purchased for the Fall 2023-Spring 2024 year for players who join teams. Details will be shared once the teams are selected

Q: I have more questions. Who can I contact?

A: We encourage you to join us at our informational parent meeting (details above), as additional info will be provided then, which should answer your questions. 

If you have registration questions or issues, contact [email protected].

If you have Academy team questions, contact Daryn Patricio at [email protected]

If you have Travel soccer program questions, contact John O'Hara at [email protected]

If you have U8 Academy Program questions, contact Daryn Patricio at [email protected]

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