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Get the Latest Workouts:

TA @ Home (Grades 3-12)
6/3 with Coach Daryn Patricio
5/27 with Coach Daryn Patricio
5/20 with Coach Daryn Patricio
5/13 with Coach Daryn Patricio
5/6 with Coach Daryn Patricio
4/29 with Coach Daryn Patricio

GK Training (Grades 3-12)
6/3 with Coach Ivan Stevanovich
5/27 with Coach Dave Bucciero
5/20 with Coach Dave Bucciero
5/13 with Coach Ivan Stevanovich

Monday Moves (Grades 3-7)
6/1 with Coach Chris Pruden
5/18 with Coach Al Bonilla
5/11 with Coach Chris Pruden
5/5 (Tuesday edition) with Coach Al Bonilla

Fitness @ 5 (Grades 7-12)
6/4 with Coach Kent Legg
5/28 with Coach Kent Legg
5/21 with Coach Kent Legg

Family Fitness (Grades 7-12)
6/6 with Coach Kent Legg
5/30 with Coach Scott Shoemaker
5/23 with Coach Scott Shoemaker
5/16 with Coach Scott Shoemaker
5/9 with Coach Scott Shoemaker
5/2 with Coach Scott Shoemaker

Train at Home Program - Spring 2020

This confusing and chaotic pandemic has caused numerous problems - delaying the spring soccer season is one of them. Even if soccer is not being practiced on weeknights or played on weekend, our players and families can continue to improve their skills and passion for the game while at home through our age-appropriate, at-home workouts.

We invite you to participate in an online social media contest showing off your soccer skills! Don't forget to make sure your posts are public and tag #RepTheRedFromHome!  Email or notify Dan Raben at [email protected] to include your videos!

Pre-School and Pre-K:
Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
More episodes to come!

Grades K-2:
These at-home workouts are geared toward children grades K-2, but Elementary School students of all ages can follow along. Workouts can be performed indoors or outdoors - all you need is a small square, a ball, and water.

Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5
Episode 6

More episodes to come!

Grades 3-7:

Sample Sessions:
5 sessions available each week - one per weekday
• 20-30
-minutes per session
Curriculum Focus:  Ball Movement, Dribbling, Passing, Receiving, Juggling

Monday Movement
Tuesday Touches
Wednesday Reps
Thursday Tricks and Turns
Friday Freestyle

Video Support Library:

Dribbling Rhythms and Patterns:
Brazilian Toe Taps
Fast Feet
Pop Pop Pop
Sideways Roll
Soccer Box (Foundation)
Toe Taps
Toe Taps Around the World
Triangle touches

Inside Hook
Outside Hook
Pull Back
Stop Turn

Faceoff Moves (used in tight space to move around defender or change direction)
L Pull
V Pull

Attacking Moves:
Jab Step
Step Over

Juggling Examples:
Seated juggle catch
Standing juggle catch
Speed juggling
Challenge 1: thigh opposite foot
Challenge 2: thigh, opp foot, thigh, opp foot

Fitness Examples:
Dot Drill

1 Touch Alternating Feet
1 Touch Single Foot
2 Touch Passing, receiving outside of foot
2 Touch Passing, receiving with inside of foot
Receive, Turn, Dribble

Grades 8-12

• 3 to 5 sessions per week
• 60-minutes per session
• Curriculum Focus:  Advanced - Performance, Dribbling, Finishing, Passing, Receiving
View our Suggested Curriculum for At Home Workouts

"While our lives have been turned upside down in a matter of weeks and we find ourselves longing for the days of multiple trips to LSP, we've been comforted by the numerous Loudoun Soccer coaches who have checked in on our family and kids, developed inspiring competitions among players that are socially separated, challenged us to think of the current situation in different ways from both a player and parental perspective, and ensured that we have a little bit of normalcy in an otherwise chaotic time. For that, we will be forever grateful.  From our family to yours, thank you!" - Loudoun Soccer Parent  #ReptheRed #LoudounSoccer

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