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NSMI Sports Science Metrics

NSMI Sports Science Metrics

Loudoun Soccer is excited to offer a Sports Science Metrics program, run by our Official Sports Medicine Partner, NSMI, for the 2019/2020 season. The program will be open to all players in our Boys ECNL, Girls ECNL and Travel programs and will comprise of comprehensive physiological assessment designed to give players an in-depth insight into their physical fitness. The program consists of an on-field testing component and a laboratory testing component facilitated at the National Sports Medicine Institute in Lansdowne, VA.

Check out this helpful video from NSMI’s very own Director of Sports Science, Daryl Copley, to learn how this program can assist players in reaching their maximum physical potential! 


DATE: August 25th, 2019 (on-field testing)
TIME: 5:00PM
LOCATION: On-field testing: Loudoun Soccer Park; Laboratory testing: National Sports Medicine Institute (19455 Deerfield Ave. Suite 309, Lansdowne, VA 20176)
PRICING: Loudoun Soccer player: $175 for on-field and laboratory testing; Non-Loudoun Soccer player: $210


Physiological Testing

Our full physiological assessment brings a new standard to physiological testing. Compare your athlete's physical attributes and capacity with their peers as well as collegiate and professional athletes. With research protocols and state-of-the-art equipment, we give athletes the highest level of data and feedback to maximize fitness and performance.

Why perform baseline testing?
Baseline physiological testing gives the athlete insight into their current fitness level. Studies have shown that athletes who are more resistant to fatigue have fewer and less severe injuries and also experience fewer illnesses. Follow-up assessments will provide the athlete with the ability to gauge their current fitness programming and its effectiveness (available at a reduced cost).

On field testing will take place at Loudoun Soccer Park and will assess speed, change of direction, and vertical jump performance. Laboratory testing will take place at the National Sports Medicine Institute in Lansdowne, VA. See below for full breakdown of testing.


30M SPRINT TESTING (click to see video)
Assess your athlete's speed and acceleration in the most common speed test for soccer players. Laser timing devices are used to accurately assess the timing of each athlete at 10m and 30m.

20M SHUTTLE (click to see video)
Also known as pro-agility, this test is used to determine the athlete's change of direction efficiency. This test also showcases the athlete's ability to accelerate and decelerate in a close proximity environment. Laser timing devices are used to capture the time of the athlete.

This is assessed using compact body worn accelerometers which can reliably record jump height (inches), velocity (m/s), and power output (watts). Vertical jump is the gold standard for determining athletic power.

SPORTS SCIENCE LAB TESTING (National Sports Medicine Institute)

Lab testing will take place at the National Sports Medicine Institute. This will be conveniently scheduled for each athlete individually. Appointments can be made by emailing [email protected].

Receive full insight on body muscle mass, body fat mass, and total body water in each body segment for a clear picture of overall player health. Non-invasive and short testing times keep the athlete comfortable and confident during analysis. Each player will then receive a full report on their composition characteristics. (See below for further information.)

VO2 MAX TESTING (click to see video)
Assess player fitness by determining their level of oxygen consumption. A 20-minute treadmill test connected to our state-of-the-art metabolic cart calculates expired oxygen in the form of CO2 gas. (See below for further information.)

Procedures for Lab Testing

The athlete will have to remove shoes and socks for this test. They must also avoid eating for at least 4 hours prior to testing, and abstain from caffeinated food and beverages (coffee, tea, sodas, chocolate, etc.) for a minimum of 12 hours prior to testing. It is recommended that the athlete comes for testing adequately hydrated; we suggest drinking two 8-ounce glasses of water two hours prior to testing. Athletes will also be asked to use the restroom immediately prior to the test.

The VO2 Max test requires the participant to exercise to exhaustion. It is HIGHLY recommended that athletes consult with a physician before having this test performed, and NSMI Sports Science staff reserve the right to decline testing based upon perceived risk to the client.  For safety reasons, graded exercise tests (maximal or submaximal) will not be performed on persons with suspected or known cardiovascular, pulmonary, or metabolic disease, or who experience signs and symptoms characteristic of such disease.  


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