Thank you to those of you who were able to attend our Town Hall Meeting on Monday, February 22 to discuss US Soccer’s Player Development Initiative regarding the Birth Year Mandate.

The Power Point presentation from that evening is available to review by CLICKING HERE.

Additionally, Frequently Asked Questions are available to review below.  Families with additional questions or concerns are welcome to contact Loudoun Soccer Technical Staff members, but are encouraged to review the Power Point and the FAQs first before doing so.

Mark Ryan, Director of Coaching – Travel: traveldirector@loudounsoccer.com

Dan Raben, Director of Player Development: dan.raben@loudounsoccer.com


Birth Year Mandate FAQ

SECTION I: An Overview of Changes

What are the changes?
When does this happen?
Why is this happening?
Why the delay in communicating these changes?
What steps has/is Loudoun Soccer taking to address these changes?

SECTION 2: The Impact on our Players and Teams

How does this impact my child?
What will the new age groups be for Fall 2016-Spring 2017?
My child is born in August-December: does this really mean my child is moving up two age groups!?
My child is born in August-December: does this mean my child is losing a year of soccer?
My child is old for his/her grade. How will this change impact them when they’re U19, since most of their previous teammates will be in college?
My child is old for his/her grade. How will this change impact them when they’re in 8th grade, and their teammates are in 9th grade and participate in High School soccer during the Spring season?
My child wants to play with his/her friends. Can’t we just keep our team together?
Can my child play up or play down?
Why grandfather the current 98 and 99 teams and players, and not other teams and age groups?
Won’t grandfathering the 98 and 99 players and teams adversely impact the 00 age group?
Are other clubs also grandfathering these age groups?
Why is Travel making these changes and the Recreational (Rec) League is doing something different?
Why not make the Rec program follow the same format as Travel?
Will the Boys US Soccer Development Academy teams also organize by Birth Year?

SECTION 3: Fall 2016/Spring 2017 Tryout and Team Formation Information

Who are the coaches going to be?
My child just was assigned a new coach. Does this mean they’ll receive a new coach again?
How will players be selected? How will tryouts be organized?
How will Loudoun Soccer assess players this year, given that the new age groups will consist of players across two current age groups?
Will these changes reduce the size of the Travel program? Will there be fewer spots available?
My child will be moving up two age groups and is playing on a lower level team. Will there be room for them in their new age group?
My child is young for his/her grade, and many of their classmates will be playing in an older age group. Will this hurt their chances of making their High School team?
How will this impact college recruiting?
What are the roster sizes and playing formats?
How will uniform number conflicts be resolved?
How will Team Administrators and Team Treasurers be selected?
How will team budgets/bank accounts transition?
What is the impact of these changes on fees?
How will team resumes and histories (e.g. GotSoccer points) transition?
How is Loudoun Soccer best positioned to handle these changes?
What can parents do to help their child’s transition?
Where can I find out more information on these changes?