Q. How do you register for travel tryouts and is there a fee involved?

A. All players are asked to register for travel tryouts via our on-line registration process. The registration process will be open from April 8th through the entire tryout process. There is no fee involved in registering for a travel tryout. To access the registration link, go to and click on the Travel Page Link.

Q. How are teams selected?

A. Players will be evaluated based on how they perform using the following criteria: technical ability, tactical awareness, character, speed, attitude, decision making, athletic ability, work ethic, and the ability to play under limited time and space. The best combination of players will be selected to fill the Red (“A”) team in each age group. Then players will be selected to the Black (“B”) team, White (“C”) team, and Silver (“D”) teams in each age group according to ability. If player quality and quantity dictate, additional teams will be added/included in an age group. No player is guaranteed a position on the team from one year to the next and therefore, each player must continue to develop and earn a position on the team.

Q. How old must a player be to tryout for a travel team?

A. Players are offered the opportunity to participate on a travel team beginning at 9U for players with a 2011 birthdate. The oldest age group for 2019/20 will be for 19U players born with a 2001 birthdate.

Q. Who attends travel tryouts?

A. Players, including current Loudoun Soccer players, must attend tryouts in order to be eligible for selection to a team. All players are expected to attend at least one tryout. Each age group will hold a minimum of 2 tryouts. Additional tryouts may be held if coaches in that age group feel it is warranted.

Q. How many tryouts do I need to attend?

A. All players are expected to make at least one tryout, if they wish to be selected for a team. Attending all tryouts provides coaches more opportunity to evaluate your player.

Q. What happens if a tryout is cancelled?

A. In the event of inclement weather and a tryout cancellation, we have already set aside a rain out date. Parents should check the club website before attending all tryouts. Parents can also sign up, prior to tryouts, for our free texting notification system at

Q. How do I request for my player to play up an age group?

A. Play Up requests will only be permitted in extreme cases, as both the quality and quantity of the Travel teams we form means appropriate options are available for most if not all players within their true age groups. Please contact the Assistant Travel Director if you have questions

Q. What is the level of commitment required for Loudoun Travel Soccer?

A. All players and parents should be aware of the commitment required as a member of Loudoun Soccer. The team is a year-round team and will alternate between training two to three times a week as well as playing games on the weekend (spring/fall) and various winter training commitments. The number of practices and the requirement for attendance at practices and games will necessitate a high degree of dedication on the part of all team players and their parents.

Q. Is Loudoun Soccer Tryout registration needed for a player registered to attend a Development Academy Talent ID Session?

A. Players who wish to attend any Loudoun Soccer ECNL Talent ID Session must register for both Loudoun Soccer Travel Tryouts and an ECNL Talent ID Session separately. Please create a Loudoun Soccer account (new for 2019) here and add your player. Travel Tryout registration and ECNL Talent ID registration will be available for the following groups

  • ECNL Boys 2006 (12U) through 2002/01 (18/19U)
  • ECNL Girls 2007 (13U) through 2002/01 (18/19U)

Q. Does Loudoun Soccer offer financial assistance?

A. We will continue to support families in need through our financial assistance program. All Loudoun Soccer travel team players are eligible to apply. Funds for this program are limited. Qualification will primarily be based on verified family income. For those families who do not meet the family income threshold, other factors such as unemployment or other financial hardships will be considered and must be outlined in detail on the financial assistance application.

Q. How far will I have to travel for league games?

A. The distance you will travel for league games vary each week, but the radius can be as much as 90 miles from the Northern Virginia area.

Q. How will I be notified?

A. Following tryouts, the team coach who will be offering your child a place on the team will contact you. If it is felt by the evaluators that your child is unable at this point to contribute to one of our teams, one of the coaches in that age group will contact you directly to inform you .If you have not heard from one of the coaches within one week of the final tryout date for your child’s age group, please contact the Assistant Travel Director, Evans Malyi, at

Q. How do I accept a roster spot on a travel team?
A. The team’s coach will call you to offer your son or daughter a roster spot on the team. Once you receive this call you have 24 hours to either accept or decline the offer. Failure to respond in 24 hours will result in the spot offered to another player.

Q. My child has accepted a place on a team. What happens now?

A. You will be sent an email from Loudoun Soccer with an invitation to register and pay club fees. Club fee payment (or first instalment) is due upon receipt of the player acceptance email. This will serve as confirmation of your child’s commitment to the club, their team and coach. Your team will hold a meeting for the parents of players offered a place on the team. At that meeting team expectations and plans will be discussed.

Q. Which leagues does Loudoun Soccer participate in?

A. Loudoun Soccer travel teams compete in one of four leagues: Club Champions League (CCL), Elite Clubs National League (ECNL), National Capital Area Soccer League (NCSL) or Old Dominion Soccer League (ODSL).

Q. When will the travel teams begin to practice?

A. Summer pre-season training may start as early as August 5th (some teams will, however, begin training in mid-July). Players looking for additional individual training may consider registering for any one of our summer travel camps Loudoun Soccer has available. For information regarding the additional individual summer camp training, please go to and click on the Travel Page Link.