Loudoun Soccer’s travel fees are intended to cover the costs of participating in travel soccer for a full seasonal year, without the need to pay additionally for incremental off season programs. This approach provides families with predictability and awareness without the need to constantly come up with incremental funds. For teams with professional coaches the fees incorporate seasonal training, off season training, Travel Academy, tournament coach fees, as outlined in more detail below. Please use caution when comparing Loudoun’s fees to other travel program costs as often those fees do not include off season training.

Loudoun Soccer Travel fees are divided into Club fees and Team fees. Costs vary based on age group and level. The player’s commitment is June 2019-May 2020; families are expected to participate in and pay for this year-round program.

*Players who join a travel team through supplemental tryouts should contact with any fee-related questions.*

Loudoun Soccer 2019-2020 Club Fees (PDF)

• In addition to our robust program offering, some teams may elect to do additional off season training sessions, extra tournaments or compete in Region I Eastern Regional League.

2018-2019 Supplemental Program Fees (PDF)

• To see an overview of Loudoun Soccer’s budget and where fee dollars are spent, please click here.

Loudoun Soccer Club Fees include:

• Fall & Spring Training Academy and GK Academy (16 sessions, U9-U14)
• 8 winter Club Training sessions (U9-U18)
• Coaching of 4-6 tournaments (not tournament entry fees)
• Coach Compensation including all payroll taxes and processing
• League Membership and Fees
• Referee Fees
• Risk Management Background Checks
• Technical Staff Support (Technical Director, Travel Director, Coaching Education)
• Operations Staff Support (Travel Program Manager, Fields Coordinator, Finance)
• Club Administrative Support
• Player Development Programs
• Off Season Training (based on team and level)
• Financial Assistance Program Costs
• Coaching Education for all travel coaches
• Club Marketing & Communication
• LSP Club Room available to all teams
• Club Insurance

Loudoun Soccer Club Fees DO NOT Include the following items (which should be included in a separate Team Fee collected by each team):

  • Team Fees: Each team maintains a bank account and will collect expenses direct from the families for tournament registration fees, coach travel reimbursement costs and additional training sessions not covered by Loudoun Soccer Club Fees. For planning purposes, families will receive a team budget and payment schedule from the team treasurer. The following are estimates only. Individual team fees can vary according to age and level of team.

  • Uniform Expenses: Families pay uniform costs directly to our vendor. Estimated cost for new players is $250-$350*. Please note 2019/20 is the first year of a two year uniform cycle. All players will be required to purchase the new mandatory uniform kit. *Abbreviated kit package will be offered for High School Seniors.
  • Tournament Entrance Costs
  • Coach Travel Reimbursement Costs
  • Winter League/Futsal fees / Additional offseason training not covered by Club fees
  • Striker Academy (optional and individual)