TrueAP: Loudoun Soccer Parent Packet 2017 (link)

This Parent Packet was created by TrueAP to give parents a guide to what TrueAP is doing within Loudoun Soccer.
It gives a brief description of who TrueAP is and what we are here to do for your athlete.

TrueAP: Performance Sleep (link)

The Performance Sleep packet was created to give parents and athletes an idea of what kind of sleep a young athlete should be getting each night. It also provides tips and advice for a better quality of sleep each night which may be the factor between being an elite athlete or not.

TrueAP: Performance Nutrition (link)

The Performance Nutrition Packet is a guide for how to better fuel a young athlete’s body when participating in performance training as well as a regular soccer season. This is often times looked over and could be the key to true efficiency and success on the field.

TrueAP: Mobility Cheat Sheet (link)

This cheat sheet was designed to guide athletes through some simple and helpful stretches that will increase and/or maintain mobility in the correct joints in the body. These stretches were specifically chosen to create greater mobility in the places where athletes need it. Each picture is also a link to a video of how to do the stretch.

TrueAP: Foam Roller Cheat Sheet (link)

This cheat sheet was designed to guide athletes through some key foam rolling movements that are effective in decreasing soreness, moving lactic acid out of the muscle, and overall recovery from a workout. These should be performed AFTER a workout to decrease recovery time and should NOT be used directly before practice or games.