All game reports are submitted via Game Officials, the same system used to receive and accept assignments.

Although Loudoun Soccer does not track or publish scores for many of its Recreational games, and may use other means to collect and post scores for other programs (e.g. Travel, Adult League, etc.), referees are expected to submit the scores of the matches they work, primarily so the referees are paid accurately for their service. Additionally: it is a good habit for referees to develop for when they accept games later in their officiating career.

Game reports are also opportunities for referees to provide feedback (positive or constructive) on teams, coaches, or spectators, or Assistant Referees that are part of their crew for that match.

Timely submission of game reports is critical – referees should develop the habit of completing this task on the same day of the match  (e.g. upon completing a block of three games, report those three games in the system when you return home later that day).


Only the Center Referee is responsible for submitting game reports for games with more than one referee assigned. However, ALL referees should track their games worked separately in the case of a discrepancy of games worked vs. games paid.

CLICK HERE for instructions on submitting game reports in Game Officials.

Most games will only require submitting the score for both the home and visiting teams – be sure to click “SAVE” to ensure this information is submitted. Additionally, the center referee should verify that the Assistant Referees listed in Game Officials are the names of the Assistant Referees who worked their match (if applicable).

Some games will require additional information via the Comments Section, including the following scenarios:

Your Assistant Referee names don’t match the names of the Assistant Referees who worked the game: record the discrepancy (e.g. if Tom Jones is listed but John Smith worked the game, list this accordingly). Please also email this information to your assignor to ensure they are aware so referees are paid accurately.

Inappropriate behavior from coaches, players, or spectators: include specific comments, including the team (home or away), the individuals in question (names if known or descriptions), and the inappropriate action that occurred (what was said or done). The more specific and detailed, the better.

Players and/or coaches booked: include card color, reason for issuing (e.g. unsporting behavior, violent conduct, etc.), the team in question, the person’s name and/or uniform number (if applicable), and a description of the incident (the more details, the better). Additionally, for any individual sent off (Red card) you must also email a full description/report to the Referee Director within 24 hours to so that appropriate disciplinary action for that individual may occur.

Feedback on Assistant Referees: if your ARs performed exceptionally well or exceptionally poor, include this in the comments, and be specific about why you believe this to be the case. This is NOT to punish referees; it’s merely to identify stronger referees to elevate to higher matches, or those officials who may need more attention to improve their abilities.



If you worked games and they are not listed accurately in Game Officials – notify your primary assignor.

If you encounter issues with Game Officials (e.g. cannot log-in) – notify your primary assignor.

Primary Assignors can be found HERE.

As a reminder, when you are emailing your assignor, please include your first and last name at the bottom of the message. We can help you better (and quicker) when we know who you are.