Certified referees (those who just certified for the first time or those who are currently certified and have not yet worked Loudoun Soccer matches) should contact Tammy Mitchell, Loudoun Soccer referee assignor, via email at Tammy will then communicate information on working for Loudoun Soccer.

Due to the size of the club and the number of games to be assigned, Loudoun Soccer utilizes three assignors, who work together as a team to ensure best possible game coverage and that no referee is overlooked. Each referee has a primary assignor, who is their main contact; this is determined by the referee’s experience as well as their residence.

Your primary assignor is responsible for contacting you about your availability and offering you assignments for the season. After this initial contact, you may take assignments from other assignors within Loudoun Soccer.

Referees should familiarize themselves with all three assignors:

Area/Game Type Referee Assignor Assignor Email
Leesburg Rec: Grades 1-6South Riding Rec: Grades 1-6 Jim Kennedy
Ashburn Rec (including Brambleton and Sterling): Grades 1-6Purcellville Rec: Grades 1-6 Barry Hunt
Classic Grades 7-8SFLCCL


Adult League

Schools (Leesburg Christian, Patrick Henry College)

Tammy Mitchell
Tournaments and events, such as Fall Festival, Fall Classic, Spring Jamboree, and Spring Cup Various assignors used. Point of Contact: Tammy Mitchell


Referees are assigned to appropriate games based on their experience and age — older and more experienced referees are assigned higher level games, while young referees often begin with 1st and 2nd grade matches. Additionally, younger referees are more often assigned to games near their home to minimize travel. Center referees are typically at least two years older than the youth match they’re assigned; there is no age restriction for Assistant Referees.

Referee assignments are often issued weeks before the date of the match; it is critical that referees plan out and manage their calendars appropriately.  Additionally: last minute “help wanted” emails are sent the week of matches for referees with availability to accept.

Assigning Tips for Referees:

  • Manage your calendar: keep track of your commitments (family, school, work, the team you play on, etc.) so you do not double-book yourself, and can better know your availability to accept games.
  • Check email often, and reply quickly: most if not all communication is completed via email, so check it often. The sooner you reply to emails, the more likely your assignments will be issued.
  • Check your spam/junk folder: due to the volume of email sent by assignors, some messages may be labeled as spam or junk.
  • Include first and last name in correspondence with assignors: this helps assignors more easily know who they’re communicating with.
  • Keep your assignments: it’s critical that once you accept your assigned games you work them. Turning back games after accepting them will often cause games to be played without referees, so make sure you can work games before you accept them.
  • Be flexible: game details may change (locations can be moved if fields are unplayable, etc.), or your assignments may change to ensure appropriate game coverage. Be flexible when this occurs.
  • Turning games back: we recognize that “life” happens (last minute conflicts, illnesses, injuries, etc.). In the event you cannot keep your assignments, it is critical you notify the assignor IMMEDIATELY so they may find a replacement.

Less than three days’ notice is considered a late turnback: for late turnbacks, notify the assignor IMMEDIATELY, then look for a qualified replacement, and inform the assignor of your replacement. Failure to complete these three steps may result in a fine equal to half of the game pay. Repeated offenses will result in removal from the referee pool.

  • No-Shows are Unacceptable: Not showing up for an assigned game is unacceptable. Notify your assignor in the event of a last-minute emergency. Failure to appear for an assigned match results in a fine equal to the pay rate of that game (special circumstances will be considered by the assignor). Repeated offenses will result from removal from the referee pool.
  • Only accept games from assignors: coaches or game coordinators are not permitted to assign referees – only assignors may do so. You will not be paid for games assigned by anyone but assignors.