Q. Does it matter that my child has never played soccer before?
A.  Absolutely not! Our program is designed so that a player of any skill level can join and have fun.

Q. What is the general commitment? Do we have practices during the week?
A.  The Pre School and Pre-K programs hold sessions once a week on Saturdays. The Kindergarten program holds one practice per week plus Saturday sessions. The teams in 1st grade and older (Rec 1 and 2, Challenge 1 and 2, Classic, and SFL) practice twice a week. Practices are in addition to the game on Saturday.

Q. What equipment is needed for each player?
A.  Each player should come to practice and games prepared to play. Shin guards are mandatory for all players. They should also bring a ball, a water bottle and dress for the weather. No jewelry may be worn – this includes earrings.

Ball size:

  • Micro and Minis (ages 3-6) and Rec 1 (grades 1-2): size 3
  • Rec 2, Challenge 1, Challenge 2 (grades 3-6): size 4
  • Classic (grades 7-8) and SFL (grades 9-12): size 5

Q. Where do we purchase our child’s uniform?
A.  Rec uniforms are ordered at the time of registration. Families may go back through the website using Family Account to order uniform if purchase was not made at time of registration. Uniforms are also made available at the main office. PLEASE NOTE: Sizes are limited if uniform is purchased in the office. We strongly encourage the use of our online ordering methods.

Rec 1, Rec 2, Challenge 1, and Challenge 2 players  can pick up their uniform at the Uniform Events. Location information can be found on the website here.  Classic and  SFL will get their ordered uniforms from their coach. There is no need to purchase a new uniform each season.

Q. What color jersey does my child wear?
A.  For 1st grade and older: Red is  the “Home” team and White is the “Away” team. Minis (Kindergarten and younger) wear the jersey provided to them for all Saturday sessions.

Q. How do I find out what team my child is placed on?
A.  Team assignments are typically announced in late-August for the fall season and late-March for the spring season.  Your coach will contact you once he/she receives their roster. Or you can view your team assignment by accessing your family’s account; the link is available to the left.

Q. Can I request a specific coach or teammate for my child?
A.  Special requests can be made during on-time registration. These requests should be limited to carpool and coach requests; requests pertaining to specific days or times cannot be accommodated. Requests are never guaranteed.

Q. If my child gets hurt during the season, can I request a refund?
A.  Refund requests need to be made by the set refund request deadline. Details can be found HERE. Additional paperwork may be required. Requests submitted after the stated deadline regardless of reason are unlikely to be issued.

Q. How do I find a specific field at a given location?
A.  Most of our large sites have multiple fields. For these sites, we provide field maps. These maps are posted in pdf format under the link for the field directions. More information is available at

Q. How do I find out about Field closings due to inclement weather?
A.  All of our fields, with the exception of Loudoun Soccer Park, are owned by Loudoun County Parks and Recreation. We are required to wait until we have verification from the county as to whether a given field is open for use. This is usually 4pm on weekdays and 7am on weekends. The closings are then posted on our web site under facilities.

You can also subscribe to our alert system and receive an automatic text message when fields are closed.

Q. Do we have to buy trophies at the end of the season?
A.  No, all recreational players may receive an end of the season award. 2nd graders and younger may be issued medals by the club (via their coach), while 3rd grader and older teams may receive certificates awarded by their coach.

Q. How do I find information regarding Picture Day?
A.  Our website will contain all the information needed for picture day. The schedule for picture day will be posted shortly after game schedules are posted each season. Picture Day will occur Rain or Shine. Olson Photography is our official Picture Day Photographer and will work with parents and coaches to reschedule due to any conflicts. Olson can be reached at 703-392-7551

Q. What is the All-Star program?
A.  The All Star program is a supplemental program for 9U-12U players in the Rec 1, Rec 2, Challenge 1, Challenge 2 and Classic programs.  All Star teams are selected by in-season tryout and attend a post-season tournament (Herndon Youth Soccer All-Star tournament in November for the fall season, and FPYC Father’s Day All Star Tournament in June for the spring season.

Q. What does U (as in 9U) mean?
A.  U stands for Under, as in 9U means 9-and-Under. 

Effective Fall 2016, the age groups are defined by birth years, with players born between January 1-December 31 belonging to the same age group.  The age group applies to the Fall and Spring seasons, but is based on the Spring season.

For example in Fall 2018-Spring 2019:

2019 (spring season) – 2010 (birth year) = 9U.

The birth year age groups only apply to certain Rec programs (e.g., SFL, 8U Academy, Rec All Stars, etc.) as the majority of Rec programs are structured by grade.

Q. What is the process for my child to play up one year?
A. Play-up requests must be made prior to team formation. Parents can make a play-up request via email to for players Kindergarten and younger, and to for players Grades 1 and older. Play-ups are never guaranteed. There is detailed information regarding play-ups below:.

Playing-Up – Based on Ability

Players capable of playing-up an age group based on ability are extremely rare. To be beneficial to the player and the player’s teammates, a player who is playing-up must be able to perform at an average to above average skill level for that age group. When determining if a player should play-up based on ability, the following must be considered:

• Physical Characteristics – size, speed, strength

• Individual Skill Level – ball handling and control

• Emotion Maturity – ability to interact with other players and handle different competitive levels

• Mental Development – ability to understand teamwork and the dynamics

Failure to account for all these factors can be detrimental to the development of the player and his or her teammates. Requests to place players in an older age group must be made in writing, detailing why the player and the player’s teammates would benefit from playing in an older age group. Independent verification of the player’s ability shall be required before a decision will be made by Loudoun Soccer.

For additional information on playing-up, please read this article HERE