RULE #1, 2 & 3 – DON’T PANIC

Parents should access coach and team through the Registration area under the Family Account link.

The schedules will be on the Mini Soccer page as soon as they are available.  Schedules for the first day are posted as they are available and the remaining schedules will be posted as soon as possible.

Teams are formed by very caring Age Group Coordinators. Your player may be moved from one team to another to fix errors or balance teams until the day before the season starts. THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE AND UNDERSTANDING DURING THIS PROCESS.

Please be aware that all of the information for you to be able to log-in is online.

When the teams are formed and the system allows parents to see it, please follow the directions below.

It is very important that you (or whomever you send to the field with the player) know the Team Name the league  generates for your team (U5PUR12 for example) AND the coach name (Rubin for example).  You will use this information to find the Schedule when they are posted.  When the Picture Schedule is released, it will have something like U5PUR12 not something like “Terrapins” so please remember or make a note of it. 

It is illegal to send youth information over the internet so DO NOT EMAIL OR POST player names, phone numbers, etc.

Coaches/assistant coaches should have their child on their team and twins/triplets should be together unless otherwise requested. Please email the MSP Program Manager, Sean Maxwell,  if a change really needs to be made.  Coaches can click on the team link next to their name to see the roster.

We try to accommodate all Special Requests that were submitted prior to end of the Special Request deadline or 30 days prior to the start of the season, however, it may not be possible to grant them.  Also,mistakes will be made, so thank you for your understanding and patience while we try to accommodate everyone.  Special Requests are not guaranteed and refunds will not be granted if we can not accommodate them.  The team number should to be included in any correspondence.

Player/team placement and times may change so you are urged to keep re-checking until the start of the season.

You are urged to not wait until a few days before we start to find your team information – we don’t want anybody to drop through the cracks.  Please feel free to contact the coach if you have not been contacted at least one week prior to the first session.

REMEMBER – this is for fun and we’re all in this together for the kids.  We will do our best to make sure everyone has a super positive experience.