Q. Are there extra MSP shirts available for purchase?
A. There may be extra jerseys available to purchase at the Loudoun Soccer office. It is advisable to contact the office at 703-777-9977 to confirm office hours and availability. The address is 19798 Sycolin Rd, Leesburg VA.

Q. Our team has three players out. Do we have to forfeit?

A. There are NO forfeits in the Mini Soccer Program. The players that show up on the field will divide up and play. Sometimes that means that they play with their team and sometimes they may play with the other team so the teams can balance out.

Q. Do the Kindergarten (6 year old) teams have a weekday practice?
A. Yes, the Kindergarten (6 year old) teams have practices once a week (the coach decides the day of the week and time – either 5pm or 6pm). Practices start the week prior to the first session so be sure to communicate with your coach concerning all team details. Some Blackout dates and Holidays may force a practice to be moved or cancelled.

Q. I registered my child. When do I hear from a coach?
A. A few weeks before the start of the season parents will be able to log into their account and see the coach/team information but may not have any coach contact information so it is important that coaches contact parents as soon as they can log and and see their roster. Please use all contact information available to try and reach parents (email, cell phone, work phone). Parents who do not hear from the coach within two weeks of the start of the season should reach out to the coach.

Q. I would love to help coach but I did not play soccer in college.
A. One of the driving forces behind the creation of the Mini Soccer Program was the need to help coaches feel comfortable. Coaching the Pre-School 1&2 (3 and 4 year old) teams is very easy – more like being a team manager. The coach will communicate with the team families, have their picture taken with the team, distribute the pictures and end of season awards, and follow the lead of the professional trainers (who run the sessions). The Pre-K and Kindergarten (5 and 6 year old) coaches do a little more – there are professional trainers leading just the first three sessions. The volunteer coaches use these sessions to learn the basics of running a session, gather a portfolio of games/activities and gain confidence for running the next four sessions. We also have an extensive amount of resources on our Coaching Education page to help.

Q. Do the players have to wear cleats?
A. Players should were whatever shoes they want so they are comfortable. At this young age, they may not to wear the shoes long enough during the season to “break them in” so sneakers may be better. Also, it is less stressful on parents when the players aren’t having a bad shoe day. Imagine having your 4 year old wake up at 5am so he can put on his cleats for a soccer session that starts at 2pm. The choice is yours.

Q. May I request to be on a team with a certain player or coach?
A. Yes! Requests should be made at the time of registration in the Special Request area. Please understand that all “requests” are considered, however sometimes there are reasons that they can not be accommodated. Requests made within 30 days of the start of the season may not be considered.

For instance, if 13 Pre-School 2 players all request the same coach, 2 players will not be able to be placed on that team as the maximum number of players is 11. The fair thing to do in this case is to use the date and time of registration to place the players on the team.

Requests may be for things such as a certain coach or to play with a friend. Whole teams may be put together as long as there is a volunteer parent coach and assistant coach. But please remember that while we do our very best, there are no guarantees or refunds if we are unable to meet requests.

Requests to play with a player in an different age group or Town Of Play are difficult to do as the Age Group Coordinators can not see outside of their own players or the players not be registered at the time the teams are put together. Thank you for your understanding.

Q. What does an AGC do?
A. Basically an Age Group Coordinator puts the teams together under the supervision of a Commissioner. An AGC utilizes the registration database to assign coaches and place players. Additionally, the AGC works with the Commissioner to distribute equipment and end of season awards to coaches. The amount of time required varies on the experience of the AGC and the number of teams. After the season starts it requires less than an hour a week (if that).

Q. What does a coach do?
A. Pre- School 1&2 (3 and 4 year old) coaches are more like Assistant Coaches or Managers in that they communicate with the parents of their players with information but leave the training to the professional trainers. LS provides professions trainers all 7 weeks. The Coach helps the trainer on the field if needed. The coach also works with the Age Group Coordinator to distribute jerseys, end of season awards and pictures to the team.

The Pre-K and Kindergarten (5 and 6 year old) coaches differ in that the professional trainers run the first three sessions (games not practices) to training the players and the volunteer coaches who will take charge of the last four sessions. Kindergarten teams have one practice per week – Pre-K teams do not have practices. Time required: Pre-K coaches approximately 1 hour on the field each week, Kindergarten coaches approximately 2 hours per week – in addition to any communication and planning time.

Q. What does a Commissioner do?
A. There are Commissioner in charge of each Town of Play. The Commissioner works with the MSP Director and volunteers to put together the season. Commissioners make sure that everyone has everything they need to do their job. Time required: a few weeks of 10 hours a week during pre-season followed by weeks of 1 to 2 hours. Time required depends on skills of individual.

Q. We live in Ashburn and have friends that live in Sterling. Can we play in Sterling on their team?
A. YES! We can place both players on the same team if they register early enough, both players fit into the same age group, register for the same Town Of Play (Sterling) and they each request to be on the others team in the Special Request area during the registration application.

Q. Are Kindergarten (6 year old) teams co-ed or single sex?
A. We try our best to form Boys Kindergarten teams and Girls Kindergarten teams, however, there might be instances where girls are placed on boys teams: when requested, if a girl registers very late and there are no spots open on a girls team, when a girl registers as a boy. Some seasons (especially in smaller Towns of Play) there are not enough girls to play in their own division so they are placed on co-ed teams.

Girls are allowed to play on an all boys team, in fact, some people prefer it. There are some cultures that do not want to participate in co-ed teams. Every effort will be made to place players according to parental wishes, so feel free to contact if you have any questions or concerns.

Q. Who do I contact if I have a registration question?
A. Please email with any questions concerning registration such as – What age group is my child? Can my child play if their birthday is xx/xx/xx? Is there room on a team? Where do I find my password? How do I change my email address? Where do I send a Proof of Age? I could not find the Special Request area when I registered so how can it be added? Where do they play?