Loudoun Soccer places the utmost importance on the safety and well being of our players. We believe in making goal safety one of our highest priorities. As such, we have set some very high standards and enacted a plan to ensure that every precaution is taken when it comes to securing our goals.

All goals larger than a 4’X6’ micro goal will be adequately anchored to the ground. In order to keep our players safe, we have enlisted the help of Loudoun County Parks and Recreation and Town of Leesburg to ensure that all of our  18, 21 and 24 foot goals  are anchored using the following recommended method: 

 * J-Hook Shaped Stake style – textured rebar on back corners of goals

For added security and to assist in minimizing the risk associated with unauthorized movement of the goals, we have implemented a plan to use the following supplemental anchoring system.

 * Sandbags/Counterweights – two 50 lb sandbags on back corners of goals

SoccerGoals_playersAt the beginning of each season, all goals are properly secured by Loudoun County PRCS, and additionally anchored by Loudoun Soccer. Inspection of each site is concluded prior to the first team taking the field, and an inspection log is kept and maintained for club records. Every other week a comprehensive review of the safety measures is implemented and recorded.  If necessary, immediate and appropriate actions are taken to ensure player safety. Each game field is inspected weekly to ensure game readiness and by referees prior to game time. 

Goal safety is a matter not only for club officials; it takes everyone to provide the safest possible environment for our players. In our efforts to provide the safest environment possible for our player, coaches official and spectators please note the following:

  • Ensure that goals are securely anchored at ALL times.

  • NEVER allow anyone to climb or hang on the net or goal framework at any time.

  • ALWAYS instruct players on the safe handling of and potential dangers associated with soccer goals.

  • NO goals should be moved, at any time by anyone, this includes but is not limited to coaches, players and spectators.

  • CHECK for structural integrity and proper connecting hardware before every use. Replace damaged or missing parts or fasteners immediately.

  • If you discover an unsafe goal at any time, please re-anchor if possible, and immediately report it to our Fields Manager @ 571-225-3921, the Loudoun Soccer office @ 703-777-9977, or e-mail Fieldissues@loudounsoccer.com.

    All Loudoun Soccer personnel are also requested to understand and execute the Loudoun Soccer Inclement Weather Policy. This policy has a direct impact on goal safety – especially the wind policy and as such is considered a critical safety policy.