*This page is updated on an ‘as needed’ basis and only when fields are closed. If there is no update to any of the fields directly below these notices on the day, assume your field is open and events are moving forward. We send out text alerts about field closures via Rained Out regarding all age groups and programs. Sign up below.

**We will only post fields that are closed or have a field location change. Check before you leave for your game if you feel the weather will cause a problem, but note this page may be updated while you are traveling. At times, a game may be cancelled upon your arrival to the field because the game was deemed unplayable by the referee due to weather or field quality in the time it took you to travel.

As of Fri, 5/18, All fields are open.

Updates to this message will be made as needed.

Weather conditions may vary widely throughout the County. In the absence of specific guidance from the Club regarding field status, consult our Weather Policy.

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Aldie ES (View Field Map)
23269 Meetinghouse Lane, Aldie, Virginia

Arcola ES (View Field Map)
41740 Tall Cedars Parkway, Aldie, Virginia

(Old) Arcola GC – Gum Springs (View Field Map)
24300 Gum Springs Road, Sterling, Virginia

Ashburn ES (View Field Map)
44062 Fincastle Drive, Ashburn, Virginia

Balls Bluff ES (View Field Map)
821 Battlefield Parkway NE, Leesburg, Virginia

Belmont Ridge MS (View Field Map)
19045 Upper Belmont Pl, Leesburg, Virginia

Bles Park (View Field Map)
44830 Riverside Pkwy, Ashburn, Virginia

Blue Ridge MS (View Field Map)
551 East A Street, Purcellville, Virginia

Bolen Park (Phillip A) (View Field Map)
Fields 1-2: 42214 Greenfield Mill Dr, Leesburg Virginia
Fields 12-17: 42405 Claudia Drive, Leesburg, Virginia

Brambleton HOA (View Field Map)
42780 Creighton Road, Ashburn, Virginia

Brambleton MS (View Field Map)
23070 Learning Circle, Ashburn, Virginia

Brambleton Park (View Field Map)
22377 Belmont Ridge Road, Ashburn, Virginia

Intersection of Hay Rd and Claiborne Pkwy, Ashburn, Virginia

Broad Run High School (View Field Map)
21670 Ashburn Road, Ashburn, Virginia

Buffalo Trail ES (View Field Map)
42190 Seven Hills Drive, Aldie, Virginia

Byrnes Ridge Park (View Field Map)
24915 Mineral Springs Circle, Stone Ridge, Virginia

Cardinal Ridge ES (View Field Map)
26155 Bull Run Post Office Rd, Centreville, Virginia

Cedar Lane ES (View Field Map)
43600 Tolamac Drive, Ashburn, Virginia

Conklin Park (View Field Map)
25701 Donegal Drive, South Riding, Virginia

Countryside ES (View Field Map)
20625 Countryside Boulevard, Sterling, Virginia

Creighton’s Corner ES (View Field Map)
23171 Minerva Drive, Ashburn, Virginia

Dawson’s Corner (View Field Map)
Mad Turkey Run Place, Chantilly, Virginia

Discovery ES
44020 Grace Bridge Dr, Ashburn, Virginia

Dominion Trail ES (View Field Map)
44045 Bruceton Mills Circle, Ashburn, Virginia

Eagle Ridge Middle School
42901 Waxpool Rd, Ashburn, Virginia

East Gate Park (View Field Map)
43664 Tall Cedars Parkway, Chantilly, Virginia

Evergreen Church (View Field Map)
19615 Evergreen Mills Road, Leesburg, Virginia

Evergreen Mills ES (See Field Map)
491 Evergreen Mill Rd. SE, Leesburg, Virginia

Evergreen Sportsplex (View Field Map)
19623 Evergreen Mills Road, Leesburg, Virginia

Farmwell Station MS (View Field Map)
44281 Gloucester Parkway, Ashburn, Virginia

Fincastle Field / Intersection of Fincastle Drive & Ashburn Village Blvd.
44062 Fincastle Drive, Ashburn, Virginia

Frances Hazel Reid ES (View Field Map)
800 N King Street, Leesburg, Virginia

Franklin Park (View Field Map)
17501 Franklin Park Rd, Purcellville, Virginia

Hamilton ES
54 S. Kerr Street, Hamilton, Virginia

Hampshire Park (View Field Map)
21315 Smith Switch Road, Ashburn, Virginia

Harmony MS/Kenneth Culbert ES (View Field Map)
38174 W Colonial Highway, Hamilton, Virginia

Harper Park MS/Tolbert ES (View Field Map)
701 Potomac Station Drive, Leesburg, Virginia

Heritage HS (View Field Map)
520 Evergreen Mills Rd SE, Leesburg, Virginia

Hillside ES (View Field Map)
43000 Ellzey Dr, Ashburn, Virginia

Horizon ES
46665 Broadmore Drive, Sterling, Virginia

Hutchison Farm ES (View Field Map)
42819 Center Street, South Riding, Virginia

Ida Lee Park (View Field Map)
60 Ida Lee Drive, Leesburg, Virginia

James S. Long Park (View Field Map)
4603 James Madison Hwy., Haymarket, Virginia

Kenneth Culbert ES (See Harmony MS map)
38180 West Colonial Highway, Hamilton, Virginia

Kirkpatrick West Park (View Field Map)
41381 Gardenia Drive, Aldie, Virginia

Lake Fairfax Park (View Field Map)
1400 Lake Fairfax Park Drive, Reston, VA 20190

Leesburg ES (View Field Map)
323 Plaza Street NE, Leesburg, Virginia

Leesburg Christian School (View Field Map)
21336 Evergreen Mills Road, Leesburg, Virginia

Legacy ES (View Field Map)
22995 Minerva Drive, Ashburn, Virginia

Liberty ES
25491 Riding Center Drive, South Riding, Virginia

Lincoln ES
18048 Lincoln Road, Purcellville, Virginia

Little River ES
43464 Hyland Hills Street, Chantilly, Virginia

Loudoun County High School
415 Dry Mill Rd SW, Leesburg, Virginia

Loudoun Soccer Park (View Field Map)
19798 Sycolin Road, Leesburg, Virginia

Loudoun Soccer Park FALL FESTIVAL (View Field Map)
19798 Sycolin Road, Leesburg, Virginia

Loudoun Valley HS (View Field Map)
340 N. Maple Avenue, Purcellville, Virginia

Lovettsville ES (View Field Map)
49 S Loudoun Street, Lovettsville, Virginia

Lunsford MS (View Field Map)
26020 Ticonderoga Road, Chantilly, Virginia

Lucketts Park (View Field Map)
14550 James Monroe Highway, Leesburg, Virginia

Lyndora (View Field Map)
43624 Lucketts Bridge Circle, Ashburn, Virginia

Madison’s Trust ES (View Field Map)
42380 Creighton Road, Ashburn, Virginia

Meadowland ES (View Field Map)
729 Sugarland Run, Sterling, Virginia

Meadow Glen Park (View Field Map)
42574 Conejo Way,  Aldie, Virginia

Mercer MS
42149 Greenstone Drive, Aldie, Virginia

Mickie Gordon Park (View Field Map)
23229 Carters Farm Lane, Middleburg, Virginia

Mills Rec Center (View Field Map)
43895 Grottoes Drive, Ashburn, Virginia

Moorefield Station ES (View Field Map)
22325 Mooreview Pkwy, Ashburn, Virginia

Morven Park (View Field Map)
14793 Tutt Lane, Leesburg, Virginia

Newton Lee ES (View Field Map)
43335 Gloucester Parkway, Ashburn, Virginia

Potomac Green Neighborhood Park (View Field Map)
20750 Marblehead Drive, Ashburn, Virginia

Potowmack ES (View Field Map)
46465 Esterbrook Circle, Sterling, Virginia

Ray Muth Park (View Field Map)
20971 Marblehead Drive, Ashburn, Virginia

Riverside High School (View Field Map)
19019 Upper Belmont Place, Leesburg, Virginia

Rock Ridge HS (View Field Map)
43460 Loudoun Reserve Dr, Ashburn, Virginia

Rosa Lee Carter ES (View Field Map)
43330 Loudoun Reserve Drive, Ashburn, Virginia

Round Hill ES (View Field Map)
17115 Evening Star Drive, Round Hill, Virginia

Sanders Corner ES (View Field Map)
43100 Ashburn Farm Parkway, Ashburn, Virginia

Seldens Landing ES (View Field Map)
43345 Coton Commons Drive, Leesburg, Virginia

Simpson MS (View Field Map)
490 Evergreen Mill Road, Leesburg, Virginia

Smarts Mill MS
850 N. King St., Leesburg, Virginia

St. Theresa School
21370 St. Theresa Lane, Ashburn, Virginia

Steuart Weller ES (View Field Map)
20700 Marblehead Drive, Ashburn, Virginia

Stone Hill MS (View Field Map)
23415 Evergreen Ridge Drive, Ashburn, Virginia

Trailside MS (View Field Map)
20325 Claiborne Parkway, Ashburn, Virginia

Tolbert ES (View Field Map)
691 Potomac Station Drive, NE Leesburg, Virginia

Tuscarora HS (View Field Map)
801 N King Street, Leesburg, Virginia

Virginia Academy Field House (white bubble in the back of the school)
19790 Ashburn Road, Ashburn, Virginia

Waterford ES
15513 Loyalty Road, Waterford, Virginia

Wintergrove Field
43153 Wintergrove Drive, Ashburn, Virginia

Woodgrove Park (View Field Map)
17020 Evening Star Drive, Round Hill, Virginia

Woodgrove HS (View Field Map)
36811 Allder School Road Purcellville, Virginia