ECNL Staff

Loudoun Soccer is proud to announce its ECNL Coaching Staff for 2018-19.

Each team has a single, dedicated coach. Each coach’s only team is that ECNL team – giving those players and that team a level of attention and focus that no other elite program offers. Coaches of ECNL teams will also assist each other throughout the year, in training and/or games.

Goalkeeper training will be provided by Dave Bucciero (04-06s) and Tim Lucas. Additional support  (speed/agility/strength training, Scouting Director etc.) will also be provided.  More details will be shared as they become available.


Assignments for Fall 2018-Spring 2019:

<strong>Dan Raben</strong>
Dan RabenLoudoun Soccer ECNL U13 (06s)
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<strong>Alberto Starace</strong>
Alberto StaraceLoudoun Soccer ECNL U15 (04s)
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<strong>David DiMillio</strong>
David DiMillioLoudoun Soccer ECNL U17 (02s)
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<strong>Evans Malyi</strong>
Evans MalyiLoudoun Soccer ECNL U14 (05s)
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<strong>Randy May</strong>
Randy MayLoudoun Soccer ECNL U16 (03s)
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<strong>Dave Bucciero</strong>
Dave BuccieroLoudoun Soccer ECNL U18/19 (00-01s)
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Tim LucasLoudoun Soccer ECNL Goalkeeper Coach
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