The Loudoun Soccer Junior Board of Directors is an educational program designed to give Loudoun Soccer players opportunities for leadership and community service, while providing our athletes meaningful and rewarding experiences by contributing to our mission and our community. Junior Board members will attend regular meetings, work on fundraisers and events and serve as ambassadors to the community. Your experience on the Junior Board will provide leadership development and opportunities to become involved in the Executive Board of Directors. Becoming part of the Loudoun Soccer Junior Board is an excellent addition to your college application!

Applications are NOW OPEN for the 2019-20 Junior Board of Directors! Please submit this application to karen.buer@loudounsoccer.com by August 5, 2019.


Brinley Bell | 02G ECNL
Josh Bowers | 01B Red
Nicholas Bronson | 00B Red
Cameron Choi | 02B Red
Riley Fisher | 02B Red
John Flynn (Vice President) | 01B Red
John Greenhalgh | 00B Red
Michael Harris | 02B Black
Theo Kostal | 01B Red
Casey Leonard | 01G Red
Carter Reed | 02B White
Dylan Robertson | 02B Black
Sophia Roche (Secretary) | 00G ECNL
Christian Rueda | SFL
Cooper Sayles | 01B Red
Amy Swain | 02G ECNL
Jacob Warner (President) | 01B Red
Alyssa White | 01G ECNL




Heather Finney | 00G Red
Abby Maltese | 99G Red
Anna Felber | 99G Red
Sofia Olmstead | 99G Red
Sean Engel | 00B White
Emily Ermellini | 00G Red
Maya Anand | 01G Red
Jacob Warner | 01B Red
Sophia Roche | 00G Red
Sarah Klevenhagen | 00G Black
Michael Harris | 02B Black
Amy Swain | 02G Red
Riley Fisher | 02B Red
Christian Rueda | 00B White
John Flynn | 01B Red
Rushiel Madireddy | 99B Black