Loudoun Soccer uses fields located at many school sites throughout Loudoun County. The Loudoun County Parks, Recreation and Community Service department works with the schools to gain permission to use these sites each season, and the schools identify dates for which school events might be in conflict with soccer games or practices.

The authorization for Loudoun Soccer to continue using these school sites for soccer activities is dependent on the ability of our teams and coaches to abide by these blackout dates and not use the fields when they are unavailable for our use.

All teams also need to:

  • clean up any trash they have after games or practices,
  • not bring pets onto school property
  • only park in designated areas at schools

Loudoun Soccer coaches should check this web page often to see what new blackout dates may have been added.

Blackouts are for the entire day unless otherwise noted.

Sept 2018 Updated 08/28/18
9/5 Farmwell Station MS
9/6 Farmwell Station MS
9/7 Creightons Corner ES
Buffalo Trail ES
Seldens Landing ES
9/21 Creightons Corner ES
9/29 Ashburn ES
Oct 2018 Updated 9/5/18
10/12 Round Hill ES
10/18 Madisons Trust ES
10/22 Madisons Trust ES
10/23 Madisons Trust ES
10/24 Madisons Trust ES
10/26 Madisons Trust ES
Round Hill ES


Bolded dates reflect weekends Blackouts