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Above and Beyond


Champions are those among us who go above and beyond the call of duty in deed or character.
We have many champions in Loudoun Soccer and want to highlight those in the Mini Soccer Program on this page.
Champions can be players, coaches, parents or any of the program volunteers.


Coach Ralph Coleman

Who would volunteer to coach a team and continue even though their child broke a leg prior to the start of the season and isn't going to play one minute?

  He is our very first Mini Soccer Program Champion for coaching his team while his daughter watches from the sideline recovering and waiting for the next season.

Thank you Coach Coleman for setting such a great example for our families, players and volunteers by going above and beyond.  You are a true Champion!


Coach Jason Crismon

Doesn't it make your day when someone focuses on the positive aspects of a situation?

Coach Crismon took the opportunity to model true Champion behavior when faced with a potentially negative issue.  His leadership style is something to be admired.

Thank you Coach Coleman for showing us a better way to go above and beyond.  You are a true Champion!