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Loudoun Soccer Park Rates for Travel Teams

DATE: November 7, 2013
TO: Coaches and Team Managers:
SUBJECT:  Loudoun Soccer Park Winter Rates and Policies

It isn't long after the Fall season ends that we will be jumping into Winter training.  Everyone should have received the information necessary to request your Winter practice space.  Schedules will be distributed no later than Tuesday, 11/26.  Although information about the field rental dates and fees was provided along with the request form, I would like to take this time to review the policies and procedures associated with Loudoun Soccer Park (LSP) Field Use both in season and out of season, including Winter.  Hopefully this will help to ensure that we are all on the same page and can budget accordingly.

Each year is divided into 4 seasons.  The dates below are consistent not only for LSP, but for County fields as well.





8/23/14-11/15/14 *

Loudoun Soccer club


1/1/15- 3/23/15

Individual Teams are responsible


3/24/15-6/20/15 *

Loudoun Soccer club



Individual Teams are responsible

*Adjusted by individual team to encompass post season tournaments.
Also, LS cannot guarantee every team Fall/Spring season practice time at LSP. Maximum of 2 practices per week, additional practices require payment at the designated rate.

The LSP winter field rental fees for our Loudoun Soccer teams have been set as follows:

· $140 - Full Field PER HOUR

· $70 - Half Field PER HOUR

· $35 – Quarter Field PER HOUR

The winter payment schedule is as follows:

1st payment - 33% due 10 days after receipt of schedule (12/6)
2nd payment - 33% due on 1/15
3rd payment - 33% due on 3/1
Refunds or additional monies owed - Due on 3/15 *

* Weather Cancellations - credit towards future/replacement field time, up to 2 dates.  Beyond that refunds will be issued.

We will do our best to accommodate your requests using both Loudoun Soccer Park and Evergreen Sportsplex.  We are working with them to secure overflow time and an equal rate for all Loudoun Soccer rentals.  Therefore, please contact Caroline for all requests for space at either park.

About Loudoun Soccer Park

Most of you know that Loudoun Soccer Park is a leased property for the purpose of providing Loudoun Soccer Club a year round, all weather, lighted training center and Club headquarters. Loudoun Soccer allocates $15 per player registration each season (both Rec and Travel registrations) to pay for that season’s Rec and Travel program use at Loudoun Soccer Park.  During off seasons (winter and summer), the Board of Directors has designated the above listed fees.

All scheduling will continue to be handled by Caroline Deutsch. If you have any questions about Loudoun Soccer Park policies, feel free to contact me. Thank you for all you do for Loudoun Soccer.