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Volunteer Options

Volunteer Positions
Loudoun Soccer cannot operate without the volunteer support we receive from parents of players and others who generously donate their time. When parents register players, they have the option to volunteer for any of the following positions that need to be filled every season: 
  • Coach or Assistant Coach
  • Field Management
  • Office Work or Event Help
  • TOPSoccer Buddy

Please CLICK HERE to register to volunteer.
  Those interested in multiple roles (ex: coaching more than one team) must complete this process for each volunteer role.

Please Note - Youth Volunteers (18 and under) need to enter 111111111 as their Social Security number.  Criminal Background Checks are NOT done on youth volunteers.
In addition, Loudoun Soccer needs people every season for other key program support positions such as:

  • Age Group Coordinators
  • House Tournament Director (U9-U12)
  • Jamboree Director U7
  • Festival Director U8
  • Tournament Site Coordinators
  • Field Development Committee
  • Rules and Discipline Committee
    If you would like to apply for one of these positions, please send an e-mail message to
    Throughout each year, Loudoun Soccer also needs help from people who have specialty skills that can benefit Loudoun Soccer in various ways. Some of the key areas are the following:
  • Web Site/Web Form Development (or other IT skills)
  • Finance & Fund Raising (to help fund programs and field development)
  • Real Estate Expertise (for identifying new field opportunities)
  • Local Government Expertise 
    These volunteer categories can also be selected when registering players on-line, or you can send an e-mail message to to let us know you are available to help.